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Orsi-Derthona, a partnership of passion

Orsi-Derthona, a partnership of passion

A solid relationship, which has lasted for many years and which tells of a story of shared passion, that between Derthona Basket and Orsi Srl. A bond further strengthened by the fact that Stefano Orsi Carbone, CEO of the company, is also Vice President of the Club and Advisor for over 30 years.

The Orsi company was founded in 1975 by the Orsi Carbone brothers, known in the field of agricultural mechanization for the production of the first hothead tractor, the locomobile and the thresher. During the XNUMXs, the company showed an innovative trend in the biomass and composting market.

Orsi then entered the "waste treatment" sector, also becoming a point of reference for public companies and private Italian entrepreneurs. Today it creates systems for the recovery of materials and valorisation of waste and produces technologies in Italy for pre/post treatment in anaerobic digestion plants.

The company's management office is located in Tortona, and precisely the love for the territory and its excellence, values ​​shared with Derthona Basket, are the basis of a historical and precious bond for the two companies, which continues also in the second season in Serie A with the ORSI logo on the Lions' playing kits.