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NPC Rieti 81 VS Derthona Basket 78

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NPC Rieti 81 VS Derthona Basket 78

One step away from the solitary summit: this is how today's match for coach Cavina's boys can be summed up. Rieti needs points for direct salvation, Tortona wants to continue dreaming.

In the end, coach Nunzi's team prevails, putting Casalpusterlengo in trouble while the Piedmontese remain first like Scafati who left the parquet in Rome with broken bones.

The guests started better, immediately flying to 7-0 which became 13-4 then Nunzi's team started to run like clockwork and there seemed to be no escape for Derthona. The Piedmontese found an excellent ally in the PalaSojourner lighting system which went haywire at the best of times and with the NPC ahead by 9. When the game resumed it was another game. Cavina's wingers raise their voices and Rieti seems out. At half time Rieti 34 Tortona 32.

Tortona tries to attack several times but the hosts are thirsty for salvation and come back into the game several times.

With 3' and 38 minutes to go the game seems over but that's not the case.

Tortona doesn't close it and Veccia reopens it with the triple of minus 5 with 3' from the end, then he goes to take the breakthrough from Marks, Pepper puts the triple of minus 2 to which Reati responds from the line with a 2/2 but it goes again scored from the Pepper bow.

Now it's a battle, 4' foul for Buckles and 1/2 from the line for 73-75 Tortona, but Pepper is on fire and scores yet another triple to give Rieti the lead. Ball recovered by the hosts and 5' foul by Marks who sends Buckles to the line 28' from time. The American is relentless from the line and +3 Rieti but Brooks equalizes with 15″ still to play. Nunzi timeout and Rieti last possession but Tortona makes an instant foul to send Rieti to the line and play the last ball. Feliciangeli scores 2/2 and Tortona is unable to finish. Parente goes 1/2 from the line but there's no more time.


Parziali: (15-19;34-32; 54-56)

NPC RIETI: Buckles 11, Mortellaro 4, Della Rosa 3, Benedusi 5, Feliciangeli 14, Veccia 12, Longobardi, Ponziani, Auletta, Parente 5, Pepper 27. Coach: Luciano Nunzi.

TORTONA: Spissu 6, Reati 15, Bianchi 8, Marks 10, Simoncelli 3, Garri 14, Maghet, Antonietti, Iannilli 7, Brooks 15. Coach: Demis Cavina