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News from Derthona: dedicated partner landing pages

News from Derthona: dedicated partner landing pages

Derthona Basket continues to grow, on and off the pitch, with the ambition of becoming an increasingly attractive national showcase for all partners.

The Club combines the exploits of Tavernelli and his companions on the parquet with an increasingly wide-ranging proposal of visibility for all those who support the Lions. With this in mind, Derthona Basket presents a renewed partner section of the site www.derthonabasket.it.

The personalized landing pages, a space entirely dedicated to sponsors, will be an important showcase for the news of the individual partners: from the joint press release to the initiatives that are being implemented, up to the events that will be organized with the Club.

The new showcase is finally online, the visibility of the partners is growing.

These are the words of Francesco Carotti, marketing and communications director: “We strongly believe in collaboration with our partners, who share values ​​and often objectives.
For this reason we wanted to corroborate this bond of trust by creating a means of further visibility, which can meet their needs and can go beyond the logic that the health emergency is imposing on us. The dedicated Landing Pages, as part of the "DIGITAL PARTNER" project, aim to be a "virtual" meeting point in the world of the web, where fans and enthusiasts can learn in detail about every nuance of our partners, increasingly fueling a virtuous chain that must animate every aspect of the life of a club like ours".

Thus Chiara Daffonchio, marketing and sales coordinator: "When we created DIGITAL PARTNER we were inspired by a quote from the great Phil Jackson: 'Basketball is about sharing'. This phrase became the common thread throughout all phases of the project's development. To produce the graphics, insert the contents and create the landing pages visible today, 'we' at Derthona Basket - marketing and communications - worked side by side with the Partners, comparing and collaborating as a single team. In this project, we shared the material and information via the form or via email. Special moments, memories of past initiatives and much more are present within the pages. DIGITAL PARTNER is a partnership relationship, a real team effort".

These are the partners who have already joined the initiative:


CAA SRL https://www.derthonabasket.it/partner-news/c-a-a-s-r-l/
VOLPI CELLARS https://www.derthonabasket.it/partner-news/cantine-volpi-s-r-l/
ECO MANAGEMENT  https://www.derthonabasket.it/partner-news/ecogest-s-p-a/
GREENECO WASTEWATER https://www.derthonabasket.it/partner-news/green-eco-wastewater/
MA.GI.CA. HARDWARE https://www.derthonabasket.it/partner-news/ma-gi-ca-ferramenta-s-n-c/
RADIO PNR https://www.derthonabasket.it/partner-news/radio-pnr-inblu/
REBUTTI SERVICE https://www.derthonabasket.it/partner-news/rebutti-service-s-a-s/
RICCOBONI HOLDING https://www.derthonabasket.it/partner-news/riccoboni-holding/
SANITAS MG4 https://www.derthonabasket.it/partner-news/sanitas-m-g-4-s-a-s/
WAYPOINT LUMICOM https://www.derthonabasket.it/partner-news/lumicom-illuminazione/