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Narrow defeat in Trento for Bertram

Narrow defeat in Trento for Bertram

Dolomiti Energia Trentino – Bertram Derthona 83-81

(16-24, 41-47, 64-64)


Trento: Ellis 3, Hubb 5, Alviti 14, Niang 6, Conti, Forray 9, Cooke 11, Diarra ne, Biligha 8, Mooney 12, Baldwin 15; all. Galbiati

Derthona: Zerini 2, Ross 14, Dowe 9, Tavernelli, Errica ne, Strautinš 10, Baldasso 14, Kamagate 9, Severini, Obasohan 4, Weems 13, Thomas 6. All. De Raffaele


Defeat in the sprint at the Il T Quotidiano Arena for Bertram Derthona. Opposed to Dolomiti Energia Trentino, tied in the standings before the tap-off, the team coached by De Raffaele started well and led for over thirty minutes, but suffered a decisive break from their opponents in the final moments of the match. Despite the comeback attempts made until the final siren, the Lions were defeated by Dolomiti Energia at the end of forty hard-fought minutes.

Balanced start to the first quarter at the Il T Quotidiano Arena. Kamagate promptly responded to Biligha's determination and was a great protagonist in the first minutes of the game (9 points in 8') before suffering an ankle injury which forced him to the bench. Weems' triple in transition with 40 seconds left in the quarter sets the score of the first 10 minutes at 16-24 for the Lions. In the second half Trento tries to mend the game with 2 consecutive triples. Bertram struggled to find her way to the basket in the first minutes of the game, before breaking free dragged by Baldasso. In the second half of the half there was a back and forth between the two teams with high shooting percentages for both with Derthona always leading. At halftime the score is 41-47.

Upon returning from the changing rooms, Dolomiti Energia grows in intensity, reducing its gap. Bertram resists the opponent's partial and, after being overtaken, scores 64 with Zerini's dunk. The last half is a succession of emotions and high-level play: Ross pushes Derthona ahead (69-72), before the 10-0 of the opponents who enter the last two minutes ahead by three possessions (79-72). Weems and Obasohan bring the Lions back into contact (80-79) entering the final round. Baldwin puts full possession back between the two teams, Baldasso shortens with two baskets from the line. Mooney's free throw and Dowe's subsequent unsuccessful attempt - blocked by Biligha - gave Trento the victory, 83-81.

So coach Walter De Raffaele at the end of the race: “It was a very tough and physical game, especially the fourth quarter. I think Trento was good at taking advantage of our many mistakes. We played a solid match unfortunately conditioned by the injuries we arrived with and to which was also added that of Kamagate, an absence which undeniably weighed heavily. However, we were good at staying inside the game and often putting our heads forward. We probably paid the price in the end for the many well-constructed but missed open shots and some carelessness in important moments of the match. Even though we had the chance to impact the match towards the end, Trento was very good at playing very hard until the end. Now it's time again to roll up our hands and think about the next match, hoping to recover some players even if it will be difficult."