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First place mission completed. The U19 Excellence at the National Finals as winners of National Group 1

First place mission completed. The U19 Excellence at the National Finals as winners of National Group 1

Allianz Derthona Tortona- Aurora Desio 82-61

(28-11, 47-29, 66-42)

Derthona: Bresciani 5, Fogliato, Albertinazzi 11 (3/4 from three), Tambwe 14 (8 rb), Errica 9 (3/7 from three, 6 ast, 3 rec), Korlatovic 9 (8 rb), Diodati 16, Fonio Fracchia 5 (4 ast), W. Bellinaso 3, Moro 3, Conte 3, Josovic 4. Coach Ansaloni, deputy Tosarelli, ass. Albasini.

Desio: Caprotti, Mauri 9, Elzi 2, Abijo, Borghi, Raffaldi 3, Corti 13, Cividati, Arienti 6, Colzani 10, Presotto 8, Pirotta 10. Team Badiali.

Referees: D'Errico from Grugliasco (TO) and Mamone from Novara.


It's fromAllianz Derthona Tortona the victory of Group 1 National di U19 Excellence. The Juventus team lacked one success to make the overtaking in the lead definitive with one round to go and the opportunity was not missed in the home match against the bottom vice-president Aurora Desio. On the last day of the championship, the two points against the Lombards were never in question PalaCamagna, With the '82-61 to certify victory number 18 in 22 races and the first place finish of the Bianconeri Lions, who thus beat College Basketball Borgomanero and Pallacanestro Varese, second and third in the group. All three will fly directly at National Finals of Chiusi (SI), scheduled from 29 April to 5 May, while the Pall. Cantù, fourth in the ranking, will have to go through the play-off to reach the Italian tournament. Where Derthona arrives as the top seed Group A, in which they will face the runners-up of Group 2, in all likelihood the Pall. Fulgor Fidenza, and Group 5, the CAB Stamura Ancona, and the third of Group 3, theUmana Reyer Venice. After the second place overall in Legabasket's Next Gen Cup, and the quiet salvation achieved through the qualification for the Play-In Silver in the Interregional Serie B senior championship, another prestigious result for the Juventus group in this 2023/24 season.

DECLARATION The head coach Luca Ansaloni: “More than first place, what mattered was qualifying for the National Finals, an objective we had already achieved two days early. First place counts in terms of satisfaction because in the matches with the other two qualifiers we have a direct match in our favor, it means that we did better than them, as well as all the other teams in the group. We go to the Finals aware of our value, as this is right, but also knowing that we will have to maintain our balance in the abundant month that separates us from the tournament. It won't be an easy task because we have many players who haven't played during the season due to injury problems. This will be the hardest part from now on.".


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