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Mini basketball: a constantly growing sector

Mini basketball: a constantly growing sector

Great enthusiasm for the Juventus minibasketball boys, who started their activity a few weeks ago. The Bertram Derthona instructors, led by manager Alessio Gaudio, are involving the young athletes through a technical, training and at the same time fun proposal.

There were many moments of shared play aimed at individual and group growth and improvement. There was also no shortage of opportunities to experience the first team's activity up close, with the participation of Serie A2 players in some of the boys' training sessions (born between 2008 and 2015). In this initial period of the season it will be possible, for those who want it, to get to know and get closer to the world of basketball and Derthona Basket, by carrying out a free trial period.

The growth of the Club, and the particular attention paid to mini-basketball, is also demonstrated by the expansion of the number of instructors made possible by the interest shown in the activity by some kids from the youth sector, who share moments on the pitch with the responsible instructors of the various groups (Beginners, Eaglets, Squirrels and Chicks).

The over one hundred and twenty young people involved in the activity - constantly growing in recent seasons - are an important signal of the quality of the work carried out so far by the Juventus working group.

For any information you can contact the Club by telephone on 0131 868803 or by writing an email to segreteria@derthonabasket.it

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