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Basketball Biella vs Bertram Tortona

LNP Super Cup 2019-20


Biella basketball


Bertram Tortona


Biella basketball2013181566
Bertram Tortona2223162485

Third success in as many matches in the Green Group of the LNP 2019 Old Wild West Super Cup for Bertram Derthona who, against Biella, suffered from the opponent's intensity at the start before progressively extending the score. The Bianconeri also gain the pass for the next phase of the event. The start of the match was characterized by the great energy shown by the two teams, who found good offensive solutions: it was Biella - led by a great Saccaggi (already in double figures) - who led the operations in the first minutes of the match (20-14) . With the entry of Mascolo and De Laurentiis the Bianconeri produced a break of 0-8 which gave the visitors their first advantage in the match (20-22 in the 10th minute). In the second set - in which the two teams expand their rotations - Derthona continues to lead in scoring: after Formenti's triple, which makes it 28-34 in the 17th minute, coach Galbiati interrupts the match. Bertram also fueled her favorable moment at the end of the first half, finding effective collective offensive solutions: at half-time the score was 33-45. Upon returning from the locker room, Biella tries to reduce the distance, also taking advantage of the technical penalty imposed on Gaines (who commits a third and fourth foul in succession), before suffering a new reaction from Bertram, who regains the double-digit lead thanks to free throws from Gražulis (42-54 at 25'). The hosts lose Omogbo for five fouls, but close the gap thanks to the intensity shown by Pollone and Bertetti: in the 30th minute the guests lead 51-61. In the final period, Derthona maintained control over the pace and score of the match, finding important baskets from Pullazi and Tavernelli (who increased the gap to 58-73 in the 36th minute) and winning 66-85 at the siren.

Thus coach Ramondino at the end of the match: ʺIn certain moments of the match we are a bit scholastic both in attack and in defence, so we arrive late compared to our opponents in certain situations: a piece of data that confirms this feeling is the fifteen offensive rebounds that Biella grabbed. In other moments we have the right level of discipline to resist the solutions that the defense proposes to take the game off track: it is necessary to extend the time in which we manage to be disciplined and understand what advantages to take without leaving the initiatives to the teams that we face. Defensively we have made steps forward, even if we are still a bit mechanical; not having experience of Biella and video preparation we found ourselves having complex pairings during the meeting. We need to train on readiness at this moment of the season: today some players, like Mascolo, have grown in terms of reading the match. The idea we had when building the roster was to have players who can grow both individually and as a team. We are enthusiastic about the group of guys we have with us and we are aware that our potential is high if we manage to make them a team, but they remain so without the technical, physical and mental work that every athlete must do. Our goal is to build a solid game that allows us to make up for bad days of form and shooting: I am here to create the foundations for success. I believe that Biella is a team with potential that must be interpreted in the medium-long term; he has ups and downs but the ups he showed today are very encouraging, despite having a new hierarchy and coach. We would all be surprised if there weren't any lows given the average age and background of the playersʺ.

Biella basketball

# Player Role PTS
24Polite Jr-12
 Total 66

 Paul Galbiati Coach  

Bertram Tortona

# Player Role PTS
7Funny EdwardGuard3
8Tavernelli RiccardoPlaymaker10
9Formenti MatteoGuard8
10Seck MagayeCentro2
12Gaines KennethGuard12
13De Laurentiis QuirinoCentro8
14Mascolo BrunoPlaymaker9
16Cepic JankoWing0
18Lisini MatteoWing0
24Gražulis AndrejsCentro8
31Martini MatteoWing16
55Pullazi ReiWing9
 Total 85

 Marco Ramondino Coach  

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