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Germani Brescia vs Bertram Derthona Tortona

Serie A UnipolSai 2021-22

2th Day

Germani Brescia


Bertram Derthona Tortona


Germani Brescia2218181977
Bertram Derthona Tortona2017261679

The first overall victory in Serie A is never forgotten and Derthona achieved it on the pitch in Brescia, in a sprint finish at the end of a balanced match. After a hard-fought first half which was led by Brescia in terms of scoring, Bertram stepped up its defense in the second half and decisively extended the gap between the third and last quarter, then resisting the opponent's return.

First minutes of the match by Bertram, who - with baskets from outside by Sanders and Daum - extended the lead to 8-13: in the subsequent stages of the half the reaction came from Brescia, who overtook and finished ahead 22-20 at 10'. In the second period the match flows with the same leitmotif: after a good start by Derthona, aided by defensive growth, Germani returns to lead the match and ends the first half leading 40-37.

Upon returning from the locker rooms, Tortona is once again the protagonist of a sprint start, made up of attention in defense and precision in attack (44-48): after yet another reaction from the team coached by Magro, Bertram extends the lead again at the end of the quarter (58-63 ). The favorable moment for the guests also continued at the start of the final period, when the team coached by Ramondino reached a double-digit margin (62-72). Led by Della Valle, Brescia twice returned to a single point deficit: then a three-point basket from Daum widened the gap again (75-79 with 48 seconds to go). The match is decided in the final actions: Cobbins is glacial on the line, Filloy misses an open shot from outside and Germani has one last chance. Della Valle misses the equalizer shot, Derthona wins 77-79.

Thus coach Ramondino at the end of the race: ʺWe are obviously happy with this victory because we grew during the match not so much in terms of play but in terms of consistency, a very important aspect for us. One piece of data I use to support this statement is related to turnovers, which were 11 in the first half and only 4 in the second. We faced a talented and highly organized team, so everyone's contribution was important to achieving success. We know we have to take responsibility for mistakes and performances, with the awareness that reaching the team's optimal potential requires a lot of time and mistakes..

Second championship race for Bertram Derthona, busy Sunday 3 October at 17.00pm on the field of Germani Brescia. After the home debut against Treviso, the team is now preparing for the first away match of the season.

Opponent of the day is the team coached by Alessandro Magro who has ʺa widespread danger both in the outside and in the internal players - begins coach Marco Ramondino -. Brescia has a mix of players new to the Italian championship, such as Long, Cobbins, Gabriel and Petrucelli and Italians and Americans, such as Moss and Moore, who know it very well. It will be a match to play well on both halves of the pitch, being solid in defense and good at moving the ball in attack to avoid static situationsʺ.

The head coach then spoke about the addition of Chris Mortellaro, arrived ʺafter having been certain that Riccardo Cattapan's recovery time was very long. Chris has remarkable experience, character and knowledge of the game: he is a player ready to make his contribution straight away in training. He has great reliability from a physical point of view and is an excellent team player, with strong human qualities.

Coach Ramondino then analyzed the work done during the week after the match against Treviso, which ʺIt wasn't good but it must be useful for us for the path ahead in the season. We worked to be more reliable and to limit impromptu plays that don't guarantee us continuity over the course of the forty minutes against teams that have great talent. Our level of attention, preparation and readiness must be greater.

In the press conference, alongside Marco Ramondino, he spoke Captain Riccardo Tavernelli, who began by commenting on Sunday's performance and his role in the team: ʺWe must be good at drawing inspiration from the negative things of Sunday's match, understanding the mistakes we made and working to be ready for the match against Brescia. As captain and point guard, my role is to rotate the team on and off the pitch: fortunately, having kept five players from last year's roster and having had ten days of training camp, it wasn't difficult to form the group. My task is also to convey the identity of Derthona and what Marco asks of my companions.

Tavernelli then spoke about the differences found between A2 and Serie A, underlining how ʺthe athletic and physical level of the game is much higher, often having five Americans on the pitch at the same time, the talent is more widespread in Serie A because every player on the pitch is top classʺ.

Germani Brescia

Role PTS

 Alessandro Magro Coach  

Bertram Derthona Tortona

# Player Role PTS
1Mortellaro ChrisCentro0
3Wright ChrisPlaymaker11
5Cannon JalenWing4
8Tavernelli RiccardoPlaymaker3
12Filloy ArielPlaymaker9
14Mascolo BrunoPlaymaker9
20Severini LucaWing3
21Mobius JosephWing0
22Sanders JamarrGuard8
24Daum MikeWing16
30Cain TylerCentro9
55Macura JPGuard7
 Total 79

 Marco Ramondino Coach