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Bertram Tortona vs Blu Basket Treviglio

Serie A2 West 2018-19

29th Day

Bertram Tortona


Blue Basketball Treviglio


Bertram Tortona1717221773
Blue Basketball Treviglio2419192183

Defeat for the Bertram Derthona in the last home match of the season: the Bianconeri chased Treviglio right from the start and surrendered at the end of a match fought until the siren.

The start of the match was characterized by the balance on the pitch between the two teams: it was then Remer who produced the first break in the score thanks to triples from Roberts and Pecchia which gave them the maximum advantage (12-20 in the 8th minute) and forced coach Ramondino to interrupt the game. At the end of the first half the gap between the two teams remained almost unchanged: the guests led 17-24 in the 10th minute.

In the second set, Treviglio once again manages the operations and, thanks to three consecutive three-point baskets from Nikolic, he further extends his margin. In the following minutes the growth in the defensive half of the field allows the Bertram to shorten the gap in the score: at halftime Treviglio leads the match 34-43.

Upon returning from the locker room, the home team found greater offensive fluidity and with triples from Alibegović e ndoja they reduce their gap to 45-50 in the 25th minute, forcing coach Vertemati to stop the match. In the last minutes of the quarter Treviglio reacted, leading 30-56 in the 62th minute.

At the start of the last half the guests extended their score again, finding Nikolic and Reati as the finalizers of the team's collective actions. There Bertram, then, converts the unsportsmanlike foul given to Roberts into five points and returns three possessions away (68-75 in the 35th minute). In the last minutes of the match the two teams responded blow for blow to their opponents' baskets: Nikolic's triple then made it 71-81 one minute before the siren and was worth the victory for Treviglio, who triumphed 73-83.

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, awaiting the challenge against Remer Treviglio scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday 13 April, at 20.30 pm at the PalaOltrepò in Voghera. For the Bianconeri, the match against the Lombardy team represents the last home match of the season: it's about ʺa complex match both from a technical and technical point of view – begins coach Ramondino – from a physical point of view as Remer has found very functional automatisms and has great physical and athletic potential. In these respects Roberts, Pecchia and Nikolic are players of great impact.

Treviglio currently occupies third place in the rankings in the West Group, behind Virtus Roma and Capo d'Orlando, and will have ʺgreat motivation in trying to win Saturday's matchʺ: therefore the Juventus coach believes that it will be necessary to find ʺsome points to focus on both in attack and defense, trying to limit the strengths of our opponents and pursue oursʺ.

Moving on to the general analysis of Bertram Derthona's season, coach Ramondino states how this was a year in which ʺI, the team and the club were able to learn a lot. Tortona is a place where there is great potential, it is important to add all the necessary bricks: following the project and the planning that you decide to undertake is fundamental to building the future pathʺ.

The Bertram coach's focus remains firmly on the latest ʺtwo regular season games await us, because there is a lot of time to outline the profile of the team we want to be next year. I believe that this is a club where the players want to come, therefore there must be no rush to make evaluations on the athletes who will have to be functional in pursuing the ambitious project that exists in Tortonaʺ.

So Brett Alan Blizzard: ʺWe want to end the season in the best possible way and be competitive until the end even if we don't play in the playoffs: to do this it will be important to play with pride and the desire to win on Saturday against Treviglio. Looking at the future of this club, the players will have to try, with humility, to build a winning mentality from the first training sessions of the season in order to then achieve success on the pitch. I believe Tortona is a place that has everything to win, which is why it will be important to focus on those small details necessary to achieve good results.


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Bertram Tortona

# Player Role PTS
7Alibegovic MirzaWing26
11Blizzard BrettGuard0
12Funny EdwardGuard0
13Ndoja KlaudioWing11
14Ugolini PietroWing0
15Garri LucaCentro7
16Lusvarghi MarcoCentro0
22Viglianisi KennethGuard7
25Bertone PabloGuard7
31Lorenzo slangsPlaymaker0
34Spizzichini GabrielePlaymaker7
61Lydeka TautvydasCentro8
 Total 73

 Coach Ramondino Coach  

Blue Basketball Treviglio

# Player Role PTS
Crimes Davide-11
Nikolic Mitja-27
Borra Jacopo-16
Roberts Chris-12
Caroti Lorenzo-4
Pecchia Andrea-5
Palumbo Mattia-6
Tiberti Edward-2
D'Almeida Ursulo-0
Toure Soma Abati-0
Belotti Matteo-0
 Total 83

 Coach Vertemati Coach  

Altarpiece OltrePo' Voghera