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Moncada Agrigento vs Bertram Tortona

Serie A2 West 2018-19

10th Day

Moncada Agrigento


Bertram Tortona


Moncada Agrigento2020171471
Bertram Tortona2114111460

Defeat for the Bertram Derthona, who went down to Sicily with the returnee Garry but without Ganeto, stopped during the match against Roma. After a balanced first half, the Bianconeri suffered from the offensive streak of their opponents, led by Ambrosin and Cannon, and surrendered in Agrigento.

The start of the match was characterized by the great balance between the two teams, who found effective offensive solutions: they are Tuoyo e Cannon the main protagonists of the first minutes of the game, which saw continuous overtaking and counter-overtaking in the score. It is once again the American center of the home team (author of 12 points in the quarter) who closes the partial in favor of the Bianconeri inspired by the triples of Jargons e Knowles and at the first siren Bertram leads 20-21.

In the second period the Sicilian team started better, led by the baskets of Ambrosin and Bell who forced coach Ramondino to interrupt the game at 28-22 in the 12th minute. Derthona's reaction is entrusted to Blizzard e Alibegović, which close the favorable break in Agrigento and bring the Bianconeri back to -1 (30-29).

In the final minutes of the first half the balance remained on the pitch and coach Ciani's team went into the break with a 40-35 lead. Upon returning from the locker rooms, Derthona raises the intensity of their defense, returning to -1 (40-39), before suffering a new break - led by Pepe - by Agrigento, who extends the score (48-41 at 26') .

At the end of the half, coach Ciani's team finds good offensive solutions, continuing in their favorable moment and reaching, for the first time in the match, the double-digit margin (54-42 at 29'): the period is closed by the triple of Ambrosin and the free of Blizzard, which set the score at 57-46. In the last quarter Bertram tries to react, but is kept above the double-digit gap by Agrigento's precision in shooting from outside: in the 35th minute the Sicilians lead 63-52. An inspired Ambrosin fuels the margin of M Rinnovabili (67-52 at 36'), forcing coach Ramondino to stop the game. Coach Ciani's team controls the Bianconeri's last attempts to return and wins 71-60.

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, expected from Agrigento on the 10th day of the West Group of the Serie A2 Old Wild West championship. Last Sunday's match against Virtus Roma, lost at the end of a balanced match, there ʺHe gave something extra knowing that through discipline and collaboration we can achieve very good results – says assistant coach Vanni Talpo – but, at the same time, that we must be continuous and constant for the entire forty minutes against every opponent.

The match against the Sicilian team comes at the end of a week in which the Bianconeri are struggling ʺreturning to training continuously, as the injured players recover – continues assistant coach Talpo – it allows us to work on the details of the match with greater attention and serenity. Furthermore, with the return of athletes who had physical problems, the quality of our training has also improved.

Bertram Derthona's next opponent, as mentioned, is Agrigento, currently in third place in the standings and with a track record of six victories and three defeats. Sicilians are a team ʺcertainly confident and able to compete on equal terms against any opponent, as happened on Sunday in Scafati, a match they managed to win with a comeback and extra time. They have a historic group of players, including Cannon, who is one of the very few Americans in the A2 to have been confirmed by his team, and wingers like Pepe and Ambrosin who are doing very wellʺ. The Juventus assistant coach identifies among the keys to the match It's our ability to stop their penetrations and their speed play, the aggressiveness we will be able to show, especially on the ball, and the clarity in stopping partials during the match. It will also be necessary to be solid in offensive and defensive rebounding, playing a game of substance inside the area.

Thus Mirza Alibegovic: ʺIn these weeks, despite living with physical problems, we must continue to work and stay focused. Against Virtus Roma we lacked something in important moments, but it was a match that gave us awareness of what we can do for the rest of the year. Agrigento is an important team for the category, which prefers to play at a high pace and has two very strong Americans like Cannon and Bell and some role players who are having a good championship. At home it is a team that has lost few matches in recent years: a very hot atmosphere awaits us so we will have to be intense for forty minutes and clear-headed in responding to their breaks during the match..

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Moncada Agrigento

# Player Role PTS
Evangelisti Marco-0
Bell Amir-8
Pepe Simone-12
Sousa Dimitri-4
Heals Thomas-0
Edward Fountain-0
Cannon Jalen-16
Ambrosin Lorenzo-19
Giuseppe Cuffaro-0
Zilli Giacomo-12
Nicoloso Paolo-0
Trupia Paolo Nello-0
 Total 71

 Coach Ciani Coach  

Bertram Tortona

# Player Role PTS
2Knowles PrestonGuard11
4Tuoyo JustinWing14
7Alibegovic MirzaWing13
11Blizzard BrettGuard10
13Ndoja KlaudioWing5
15Garri LucaCentro4
16Lusvarghi MarcoCentro0
22Viglianisi KennethGuard0
31Lorenzo slangsPlaymaker3
34Spizzichini GabrielePlaymaker0
 Total 60

 Coach Ramondino Coach