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Bertram Tortona vs Zeus Energy Group Rieti

Serie A2 West 2018-19

6th Day

Bertram Tortona


Zeus Energy Group Rieti


Bertram Tortona141510948
Zeus Energy Group Rieti101781651

Defeat in the sprint for a Bertram forced to forcibly shorten rotations due to numerous absences: the formation of coach Ramondino remains ahead in the score for the first three quarters before conceding a partial which allows Rieti to lead the match. In the end, a couple of baskets Tuoyo they bring the Bianconeri back ahead, before Carenza and Casini decide, with their plays, the match in favor of Rieti.

Bertram branded tender launch, led by the initiatives of Jargons in attack and by a zonal defense that sends the opponent's attack into difficulty: the home team's first break arrives after five minutes, at 10-2. In the last minutes of the half, Rieti gets closer in the score by taking advantage of the numerous extra possessions gained via offensive rebounds: at the end of the first quarter the score is 14-10.

After five consecutive points of ndoja at the start of the second period comes the reaction of coach Rossi's team, which finds parity at 19 with a triple from Carenza, forcing coach Ramondino to stop the game. Coming out of the time-out, the Bianconeri increased their defensive pressure, dirtying all the passing lines in Rieti, and produced a 5-0 break concluded by a triple from Blizzard (24-19 at 15'). The last minutes of the first half flowed in a sign of balance and at half-time Bertram led 29-27.

Upon returning from the changing rooms, Derthona maintains its lead, thanks to an intense and effective defense which limits the opponents' initiatives: it is then again Jargons, with a three-point basket, to expand the home team's margin. At the third siren the score is 39-35. The baskets by Jones and Toscano, in the first minutes of the last half, were worth the overtaking of Rieti (44-41 at 34'): it was once again the American winger who increased the gap between the two teams, with the dunk which was worth the 46-41.

At the moment of maximum difficulty of the match comes the reaction of coach Ramondino's team, pushed again by a good defense that allows Blizzard e Tuoyo, with two offensive plays, to impact the game at 46. After another basket by Tuoyo, Carenza gives the new advantage to the NPC: the subsequent error by Gergati and the 2/2 by Casini puts full possession between the two teams (51-48 with 7 seconds left). The last shot of Viglianisi doesn't find the basket, Rieti wins at PalaOltrepò.

Championship eve for the Bertram Derthona, engaged against Rieti at PalaOltrepò at 18pm. The match lost against Trapani in the last seconds left good indications ʺfrom the point of view of performance and attitude we hope - he claims coach Ramondinoto be able to propose continuously throughout the season. This week we worked with a good level of attention, trying to acquire more and more awareness, on a technical and physical level, of our strengths. Our physical situation must not be an alibi: we must work on the details to make our game as functional and effective as possible.

Coach Ramondino he then moved on to analyze the strengths of Pallacanestro Rieti, which is a team ʺvery tough and physical, with many players of size: they play very effective basketball from a defensive point of view and are good at breaking up their opponents' offensive plays and making other teams play badlyʺ; roster level is a lineup that features ʺa mix of experienced players and young players on the rise like Tomasini and Toscanoʺ. Coach Ramondino considers the tactical keys of the match to be crucial ʺthe hardness and physicality with which to face the match, in order to then be ready to implement the best technical-tactical strategy over the course of the forty minutesʺ.

Thus Brett BlizzardʺThe match in Trapani left us angry for a match lost only towards the end. I think we played a good match, despite the injuries that shortened our rotations: we are growing as a team in difficulties. This was a particular week in which we worked a lot on attention to detail in view of the next races: the important thing is to stay focused and continue to improve in view of the rest of the season. Against Rieti it will be important to think action after action, focusing on our basketball and on taking away our opponents' strengths..

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Bertram Tortona

# Player Role PTS
Lisini MatteoWing0
4Tuoyo JustinWing9
11Blizzard BrettGuard8
12Funny EdwardGuard0
13Ndoja KlaudioWing9
14Ugolini PietroWing0
16Lusvarghi MarcoCentro0
31Lorenzo slangsPlaymaker17
34Spizzichini GabrielePlaymaker0
3Viglianisi KennethGuard5
 Total 48

 Coach Ramondino Coach  

Zeus Energy Group Rieti

# Player Role PTS
Casini Juan Marcos-5
Angel Lilies-2
Jones Bobby-17
John shortage-12
Moretti Edward-0
Nikolic Aleksa-4
Caps Leonardo-0
Tomasini Simone-3
Tuscan Daniele-6
Bonacini Federico-2
Annibaldi Paolo-0
 Total 51

 Coach Rossi Coach  

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