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28/04/2024 18:15
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Massimo Bisin: ʺWe are planning the future. I expect confirmation from my team

Massimo Bisin: ʺWe are planning the future. I expect confirmation from my team

First months of work in Tortona for Massimo Bisin, technical manager of the Juventus youth sector, who outlined an initial assessment of his experience, which is ʺvery positive as we have tried to lay the foundations for the future, also putting rules of coexistence within the technical staff that allow us to work in a pleasant wayʺ.

The youth sector is inserted, in every sports club, between mini-basketball and the first team: the daily exchange with the various coaches, also favored on a logistical level by the proximity of the offices and playing fields, ʺIt is very useful and at the same time easy from an organizational point of view. Have daily relationships with the first team staff, with Marco Ramondino and – continues Bisin – previously with Lorenzo Pansa, as well as with Alessio Gaudio, head of minibasketball, represents added value to what we are already doingʺ.

During the season, Bertram Derthona received a visit from Andrea Capobianco, coach of the Under 20 men's national team: for Bisin it was a It's a moment of enrichment for both the technical staff and the management staff. The training and meeting that he held represents a further added value: our hope is to organize appointments of this type on several occasions..

With a view to the growth of the youth sector, another important aspect is the possibility for the children of the youth sector teams to train with older players: this is It's a characteristic that I've always tried to establish in all the clubs I've worked in, I also believe that it's stimulating for our athletes to compete with older kids. This is a natural outlet that occurs in all high-level youth sectors: I am pleased that we were able to undertake this initiative also in Tortonaʺ.

Among the most significant moments of the youth sector season, it was right to mention the call-up of Edoardo Buffo with the Under 18 national team, which represents It's a reward for the foresight of those who wanted it here, and I'm referring to Lorenzo Pansa and the company that has invested resources in this sense. It is too – continues Bisin – for Vanni Talpo who coaches him and also for the rest of the club, as having a player called up to the Under 18 national team is certainly a good resultʺ.

The team coached by Bisin, the Under 14 Elite, achieved good results in the first phase of the championship, arriving ʺtwo points behind Borgomanero, who finished in first placeʺ and began the second phase last week ʺI don't expect anything in terms of results, because we will face the most successful teams in the category present in the region. However, I expect to see confirmation of the progress shown by the players during the first phase.

In the summer the company made important investments in recruiting the best prospects on the national and international scene. This is ʺdecisive to give value to what is being done: I am very much in line with what Andrea Ablatico, the president of the youth sector, was already saying in the summer, who argued that starting this recruitment at a national and international level would be the only way to be able to have some important experiences. We have been on this path since the summer and we have had important feedback: we hope to be able to continue this path, with the help of clubs and sponsors, because it is sensationally important for the development of the youth sector..

In closing, there was no lack of feedback on the previous experiences had by the manager of the Juventus youth sector and a series of considerations on the path undertaken by Bertram Derthona, who is obtaining ʺpositive results not only at DNG level, as the Under 14s also won with Casale in both the first leg and the second leg. It takes time to reach a very high level with regards to the youth sector, because as happened in all societies there must be the possibility of developing certain experiences: having undertaken this type of idea gives us hope for the future..

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