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Manital Torino 89 VS Derthona 87

Manital Torino 89 VS Derthona 87

(26-25, 45-52, 66-66)
TURIN: Pichi, Giachetti 12, Mancinelli 19, Fiore, Bianchi, Amoroso 24, Viglianisi, Berry 8, Rauti, Fantoni 7, Gergati 9, Facchino, Rosselli 10. All. Bechi.
DERTHONA: Venuto 5 Simoncelli 12 Polk 14 Tavernari 15 Valenti 7 Rotondo 8 Crockett 24 Gioria 2 Strotz 0 Carosi 0 . All. Cavina.


photo (3).previewFirst seasonal outing for Derthona Basket who visited Manital Torino, one of the main candidates to win the Gold championship. A large and numerous audience came to see all the new players at work. Tortona did everything to ruin the party for the Turin players, managing to have the winning shot stop on the rim.

Very balanced at the beginning with Derthona who has excellent percentages from the field with Polk and especially Crockett on the shields. Upon returning after the break, Tortona attempted to extend the lead, even reaching plus 12 but Torino did not want to start with a defeat and had an impact at the end of the third quarter with Berry.

Manital started strong, finding points from Gergati but, despite Polk being rested for precautionary reasons, Tortona always returned and Crockett brought Tortona back ahead in the last minute. But first Berry and then Amoroso are precise from the line, then Tavernari's last shot goes off the rim.
The indications for coach Cavina, regardless of the result, are all positive.

Next match on Wednesday at 20.30pm in Alessandria against Junior Casale for the Cima memorial, then on Saturday scrimmage in Casalpusterlengo and on Sunday at 18pm first match at Palacamagna against Omegna