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The U17 Eccellenza of Allianz Derthona left for the National Finals in Agropoli. Tomorrow evening the debut against UnaHotels Reggio Emilia

The U17 Eccellenza of Allianz Derthona left for the National Finals in Agropoli. Tomorrow evening the debut against UnaHotels Reggio Emilia

The expedition left this morning at dawnU17 Excellence of Allianz Derthona Basket for the long journey to Agropoli (SA) for the National Finals of category. Inserted in Group D, for the team coached by Enrico Rocco it will be future the debut in the Italian tournament, the second of the season for the Juventus club after the championship final reached two weeks ago by the U19 Eccellenza. The boys from Tortona, who earned entry into the top 16 in Italy through second place in the region, third in the inter-regional phase and the success a week ago in the play-off in Modena against Victoria Libertas Pesaro, will begin the commitment to the competition by the sea in the province of Salerno to 20pm on Monday against the UnaHotels Reggio Emilia al PalaCilento of Torchiara, one of the two sports halls where the competition will take place, with the main pitch being the Palasport Andrea Di Concilio di Agropoli. The times and days of the matches of the next two days of the qualifying round against Reggio Emilia will depend on the result against the Reggio Emilia team BCC Emilbanca Virtus Bologna e CAB Stamura Ancona, the latter also faced at U19 Eccellenza level in the Finals of Chiusi and Chianciano Terme.

FORMULA At the end of the three days, the final ranking of the qualifying group will promote the first place directly to the quarter-finals on Friday 24 May, second and third to get there will instead have to go through the obstacle of the play-offs the day before against second and third of Group C made up from San Paolo Ostiense Rome, Pallacanestro Varese, EA7 Emporio Armani Milan and Conforama Varese Academy. The semi-finals will be held on Saturday 25th and the two finals for the podium on Sunday 26th, with the one for the title of Italian Champion 2023/24 scheduled for 18pm.

STATEMENTS Coach Rocco: “It is a joy to be able to participate, due to the fact that we have been working together with most of these kids for two years - with the addition of a few kids this year - so there is satisfaction in having reached a goal that they dreamed. In Agropoli we present ourselves with a spirit of happiness, with a free mind, knowing what our strengths and weaknesses are. We will focus on what is good about us, on our qualities. The objective will be to play the matches thinking about having fun, enjoying this moment: the National Finals are moments that players stay with for a long time, even when they have a satisfying senior career.”

MEDIA All matches will be broadcast live: the Palasport Di Concilio matches on the channel Italbasket Twitch, those of the PalaCilento on the canal Italbasket Youtube.

ROSTER Below is the roster and staff with which Allianz Derthona will present itself at the National Finals (year of birth in brackets):

Werther Bellinaso (2008)

Andrea Bresciani (2008)

Armin Korlatovic (2007)

Emilio Albertinazzi (2007)

Gabriele Fonio Fracchia (2007)

Gregorio Marina (2008)

Alexander Chikal (2007)

Marco Fogliato (2007)

Julius Rey (2008)

Gabriele Cattivilli (2007)

Riccardo Bordoni (2007)

Davide Borasi (2007)

Alessandro De Filippo (2007)

Nicolò Quaroni (2008)

Riccardo Demezzi (2008)

Coach: Enrico Rocco

Assistant coach: Andrea Fanaletti

Assistant coach: Giulio Lombardi

Athletic trainer: Marco Paccioni

Physiotherapist: Andrea Cacciatore

Accompanying manager: Tommaso Della Godenza

Responsible manager: Andrea Ablatico

President of the youth sector: Claudio Coffano






Umana Reyer Venice

Tezenis Verona

Orange1 Bassano

Dolomites Energy Trento


New Basketball Brindisi

Vis 2008 Ferrara

Pall. Prato Dragons

SAP Alghero


San Paolo Ostiense Rome

Varese basketball

EA7 Emporio Armani Milan

Conforama Varese Academy


BCC Emilbanca Virtus Bologna

CAB Stamura Ancona

Una Hotels Reggio Emilia

Allianz Derthona Basketball





Monday May 20 (PalaCilento)

18pm BCC Emilbanca Virtus Bologna – CAB Stamura Ancona (Game 00)

20pm UnaHotels Reggio Emilia – Allianz Derthona (Race 00)

Tuesday May 21 (Palasport Di Concilio)

18pm Winner of Game 00 – Loser of Game 7

20pm Winner of Game 00 – Loser of Game 8

Wednesday May 22

20 pm (Palasport Di Concilio) Winner of Game 00 – Winner of Game 7

20 pm (PalaCilento) Loser of Game 00 – Loser of Game 7

Thursday 23 May – Play-offs

14 pm (Palasport Di Concilio) 30nd Group A – 2rd Group B (Game 3)

16 pm (Palasport Di Concilio) 30nd Group B – 2rd Group A (Game 3)

14 pm (PalaCilento) 30nd Group C – 2rd Group D (Game 3)

16pm (PalaCilento) 30nd Group D – 2rd Group C (Game 3)

Friday 24 May – Quarter finals (Palasport Di Concilio)

14 pm 00st Group A – Winner of Game 1 (Game 27)

16 pm Winner of Race 00 – 25st Group C (Game 1)

18 pm Winner of Game 00 – 26st Group D (Game 1)

20 pm 00st Group B – Winning Game 1 (Game 28)

Saturday 25 May – Semifinals (Palasport Di Concilio)

16 pm Winner of Race 00 – Winner of Race 29 (Race 31)

18 pm Winner of Race 30 – Winner of Race 30 (Race 32)

Sunday 26 May – Finals (Palasport Di Concilio)

16pm Final 00rd/3th place: Loser of Game 4 – Loser of Game 33

18pm Final 30st/1nd place: Winner of Race 2 – Winner of Race 33

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