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The U17 Eccellenza makes no mistake in its championship debut. Large victory against Basket Torino

The U17 Eccellenza makes no mistake in its championship debut. Large victory against Basket Torino

Bertram Derthona-Basket Torino 102-58

(24-13, 44-30, 80-44)

Derthona: Tambwe 20, Ansevini 13, Lam 6, Besostri 5, Mogni 9, P. Lisini 3, Bellinaso 10, St. Vio 13, Baldi 16, Repetto 2, Gay 5, Bertelli. All. Ansaloni

Torino: Scaroni 11, Musto 10, Piasentin 6, Zaccaria 4, Donnini 8, Greco 7, Marengo 2, Cabodi 10, G. Raho, Loiacono, Tarulli, Garuzzo. Coach: F. Raho.

Bertram starts off on the right foot in the Under 17 Eccellenza championship. Luca Ansaloni's team clearly beats Basket Torino, inaugurating with a smile the first seasonal outing in the 2021/22 championships of a Juventus youth team.

In a sort of revival of the senior level challenge between the two clubs in the last Serie A2 playoff final which earned Derthona promotion to the top league, the Lions quintet directs the match on the first day of the Group from the starting quarter Ligurian-Piedmontese, played on the friendly parquet of the PalaCamagna in Tortona. The big man Gloris Tambwe dominates the area, soon reaching 11 points, the same gap that the hosts find themselves at the end of the first quarter. Torino tries to react, Cabodi's entry from the bench gives liveliness, the second period is again won by the home team but in a less clear way (20-17) due to the +14 of the long interval.

At the beginning of the second half, Derthona gave the definitive push, Lorenzo Baldi unleashed the long wait accumulated on the bench due to early foul problems, all his first 9 Tortona points which launched the 36-14 in the third quarter which closed the games, thanks to a defense that leaves no room for opponents. There remains time for a tirade from Claudio Gay, who galvanizes his teammates and the seventy spectators present in the first reopening of the PalaCamagna to the public since the lockdown, and for the 100th point scored by Stefano Vio, who also made himself appreciated in defense with several steals.

The next match for the U17 Eccellenza is for the first away match, scheduled for Friday 15 October at 20.45pm in Moncalieri against Campus Piemonte. But first there will be the official championship debut of another Juventus team: on Monday 11th at 20.30pm at PalaCamagna it's the turn of the U19 Eccellenza against 5 Pari Torino. Facebook live on the Derthona Basketball Lab page.