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Lighthouse Trapani – Orsi Derthona 80-83

Lighthouse Trapani – Orsi Derthona 80-83

Lighthouse Trapani – Orsi Derthona 80-83
(15-20, 30-42, 53-64)

Trapani: Mays 15, Costadura ne, Renzi 18, Tavernelli 9, Nicosia ne, Amato ne, Ondo Mengue, Viglianisi 14, Filloy 2, Crockett 22. Coach Ducarello

Derthona: Greene IV 30, Cosey 21, Alviti 1, Ricci 15, Sanna 4, Taverna, Conti, Mascherpa 1, Garri 5, Cucci 6. All.Cavina
Notes: T2: Tp 25/39, De 20/32; T3: Tp 5/18, De 10/27; Tl: Tp 15/22, De 13/18.
Referees: Bongiorni from Pisa, Triffilletti from Messina, Maschio from Florence.

It's a three-point basket by Phil Greene 8" from the end that marks Derthona's seventh consecutive success, which conquers Trapani 80-83 at the end of an intense and spectacular match, won with heart in the face of an opponent of value and the two thousand five hundred of the PalaIlio. The episodes decide, at the end of a match in which the Lions took off at the limits of perfection in the first half and were able to respond to the vehement return of the hosts. Dragged by Mays and the former Viglianisi and Crockett, Lighthouse was able to come back from -21 in the 17th minute (19-40 on Ricci's triple), concluding a slow but constant comeback with Viglianisi's equalizer (74-74) on the 37'. In the final three minutes the hosts overtook on two occasions, both with Mays, but the Juventus defense and the baskets of Cosey and above all Greene, with the decisive triple picking up a loose ball 8" from the end, tipped the scales towards the black and white colours. Trapani twice had the shot to turn the match around, but the triples attempted by Filloy did not find the back of the retina, for a success worth its weight in gold for Derthona.
Previously, it was Derthona who had the greatest impact on the match. With seven points from Greene the Lions took the lead 8-18 after 7'; Lighthouse responded with Renzi (15-18 at 10'), but two three-point baskets from Cosey and Greene made it 19-30 at 13'. Fueled by a defense that closed Trapani's way to the basket for five minutes, the Juventus partial continued until 19-40 scored by Ricci in the 17th minute; Lighthouse stems the wave by arranging themselves in a zone, and with Renzi and Crockett closes the score to 28-42 at halftime. The inertia has changed and the Sicilians carry the assault at the start of the third quarter; Derthona responds blow for blow until the 30th minute (53-64), before suffering a comeback in the heart of the fourth period on baskets by Viglianisi and Mays. Trapani takes the lead at 62-66 in the 34th minute, gets a single possession behind in the 36th minute (71-73) and equalizes at 74-74 with Viglianisi. The PalaIlio turns into a hellish group, but the hearts of the Lions do not tremble and the seventh consecutive pearl arrives. Probably the most beautiful.