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28/04/2024 18:15
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Latina 85 Tortona 77

Latina 85 Tortona 77

Bitter away match for coach Cavina's boys who suffered their third consecutive defeat.

Tortona starts with the usual quintet: Spissu, Marks, Reati, Brooks and Garri. The guests go to the line a lot at the start of the match then Mei brings Latina to plus 10 (20 to 10 with 1'30 left before the first interval) to which Tortona responds with a 7 to 2 for a final quarter that says 22 to 17 for the hosts.

Mosley is already on the bench with 2 fouls and Tortona finds the advantage at 30 to 27 about 6 minutes before the long break but the score is 6 to 0 for Latina for the new plus 5 at home. The match is enjoyable but it's torn on both sides. In fact, from 32 to 27 at home we quickly go to 41 to 34 away (partial of 14 to 2 in just over four minutes) with the Piedmontese going into the break with a 43 to 39 lead.

The third quarter is perhaps the lethal one for coach Cavina's boys. Mosley returns and begins to be a rebounding factor (in the end there will be 11 of which 6 offensive) and Latina scores 9 to 0 for the new home advantage. Uglietti lights up and scores 8 practically consecutive points and with a partial score of 26 to 10 they reach the last quarter at 66 to 53 for the Lazio team.

Tortona doesn't give up and gets closer but first a triple from Mei from eight meters at the siren and the presence of Mosley under the scoreboards keeps the guests at a distance. With 40 seconds to go Mosley makes 0 of 2 from the line but the ball remains in Latina's hands (there will be 15 offensive rebounds) and in fact the game ends like this. The final reads 85 to 77.

Latin. Veccia 5, Idehioha 17, Uglietti 16, Mei 17, Mei 17, Mosley 8 (11 rebounds), Tavernelli 11, Tagliabue 2, Pastore 9, Jarvelainen 0, Di Ianni ne.

Tortona: Spissu 11, Reati 8, Marks 24, Garri 7, Brooks 17, Bianchi 3, Simoncelli 0, Ammannato 7, Maghet none, Riva none, Frattallone none, Antonietti none.