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Coach Galli's corner – Pallacanestro Trieste

Coach Galli's corner – Pallacanestro Trieste

New home match for Bertram Derthona, who will face the Trieste basketball in the meeting scheduled at 17.00 hours di Sunday February 12 at PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris. Presenting the characteristics of the next opponents is the assistant coach Massimo Galli:

“On Sunday, in the second consecutive home match that awaits us, we challenge Pallacanestro Trieste, who changed face during the season by inserting - compared to the first match - two players like Ruzzier and Terry and recovering Lever from injury. Leading the team is Marco Legovich, who in his first year as head coach is demonstrating high-level quality and skills.  

Alternating in the role of point guard is Corey Davis, an expert player with great charisma, and Ruzzier, who returned home after his adventure at Virtus Bologna and gives the team an upgrade in experience and technical quality. The starting guard is Bartley, the best scorer in the championship, capable of scoring in many different ways and often decisive in Trieste's victories. Deangeli acts as the '3', guaranteeing defensive solidity and a sense of belonging, while the '4' are Lever, back from injury, and the new signing Terry. These are two athletes with different characteristics who can guarantee points, rebounds and great presence inside the area. The quintet is completed by Spencer, who shoots 67% from two points and captures almost 9 rebounds per outing, a great impact in the paint.

The luxury sixth man is Frank Gaines, a left-handed guard who scores 13 points per match and is capable of changing the momentum of matches. Bossi and Campogrande, a good three-point shooter, then come off the bench to change the wingers, while Vildera comes out as '5', a solid player who guarantees presence inside the area.".