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28/04/2024 18:15
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The week of the Juventus youth teams

The week of the Juventus youth teams

Under 18 DNG

College Borgomanero 103

Derthona 61

Derthona: Cremaschi 10, Bosetti 14, Barbieri 7, Ugolini 20, Dolcino 4, Rota 2, Lisini, Viale 4, Emanuelli. All. Talpo Ass. De Ros

Defeat for the Under 18 DNG on the Borgomanero College pitch: what makes the difference between the two teams is the initial attitude of the Lions, who immediately suffer the initiatives of their opponents. The gap accumulated since the first half affected the entire match: despite Ugolini's performance, the Bianconeri lost 103-61. To pursue the objectives set at the beginning of the year, it will be important to train in the coming weeks, keeping in mind the growth path that must be accomplished day after day.

Under 16 Excellence

Derthona 41

Novipiù Campus Piedmont 75

Derthona: Cabella 4, Gabatelli, Sala, Pezzulla, Bosich 10, Tosi 10, Rota 1, Lombardi, Melisi 9, Viale 5, Emanuelli, Bottaro 2. Coach Gaudio

Defeat for the Under 16 Eccellenza team of Derthona, who lost against Novipiù Piemonte. The match started in a favorable way for the guests, who accumulated a double-digit advantage already in the first half of the game: in the second quarter came the reaction of the Bianconeri, who increased the intensity of their game and went into halftime trailing 32-23. Upon returning from the changing rooms, Novipiù began to stretch again, displaying good verve in attack and defence. In the final part the guests kept the momentum of the match in their hands, winning 75-41.

Under 15 Regional Gold

Derthona 97

Vercelli Rices 36

Derthona: Sacco ne, Gavio 4, Colombetti 28, Fiorucci 8, Curti 4, Orlando 6, Calù 8, Magrassi 16, Milanese 2, Lerta 10, Coffano 2, Angeleri 9. All. De Ros Ass. Bisin

Great victory for the Under 15 Regional Gold team of Derthona who, at home, had the best of their peers from Vercelli. Very positive performance for the young Bianconeri: all the players fielded by coach De Ros - the only exception being the injured Sacco - scored points, grabbed rebounds and contributed to the success. The Lions led the match already in the first half, closing with a 30-11 lead: the great determination shown by Derthona throughout the entire match then widened the margin between the two teams up to the final 97-36. The next match will see the Under 15s against Chivasso, Thursday 15 November at PalaCamagna.

Under 14 Elite

Derthona 85

Casale Monferrato 35

Derthona: Castagna 6, Lisini 3, Mogni 10, Ramazzina 3, Vio 11, Moro 19, Segatto 1, Lam 7, Milanesi 9, Bellinaso 11, Coppi, Bertelli 5. All. Bisin

Convincing victory for the Under 14 Elite team of Derthona Basket: the Bianconeri control the match right from the start, displaying a higher intensity than their opponents. The large margin accumulated in the first two halves of the game (46-9 at half time) by the Lions was never recovered by Casale: at the final siren the score was 85-35.

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Phoenix Iria-Olympia Voghera

Fri. 16/11 – 21.00 pm

Series D

Pall. Tortona-Nobili Nuova PGS Don Bosco

Sun. 18/11 – 18.00 pm

Under 18 DNG

Derthona-Robur et Fides Varese

Mon. 19/11 – 20.00 pm

Under 18 Regional Gold


Thu. 15/11 – 20.30 pm

Tortona-College A

Tue 20/11 – 20.00pm

Under 16 Excellence


Sat. 17/11 – 18.00 pm

Under 15 Regional Gold


Thu. 15/11 – 20.15 pm

Under 14 Elite


Sun. 18/11 – 15.00 pm

Under 13 Regional

Derthona-Conte Verde

Sat. 17/11 – 15.15 pm

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