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The week of the Juventus youth teams

The week of the Juventus youth teams

Series C Silver


Sanmaurense Pavia 61

Olympia Voghera 53

Voghera: Banchero 4, Mogni 5, Gay 13, Armanino ne, Miljkovic, Barbieri 9, Sackey 15, Marangon, Bruciamonti 4, Rota 2, Semeghini 1, Karac ne. All. Franchini Ass. Fanaletti, Censurini

Defeat for Olympia in game 1 of the playoffs against Sanmaurense Pavia: the team coached by Franchini controlled the score of the match for the entire first half, finishing eight points ahead (25-33). In the second half, the opponents increased their attack on both halves of the pitch, overtaking them in the third quarter and extending the score to 61-53 with which the match ended. Wednesday 9 June at 21pm at PalaOltrepò, game 2 in a best-of-three series: for Olympia the opportunity to impact the series within friendly walls.


Under 20 Gold


USAC Rivarolo 68

Derthona Basketball 62

Derthona: Nizzola 4, Tava 2, Mogni 13, Emanuelli, Pezzulla 6, Bottaro 6, Curti 6, Lonardo, Lisini 23, Coffano, Melisi, Neri 2. Coach De Ros

Defeat for the Lions in the penultimate match of the second phase of the championship: on the Rivarolo pitch the team coached by De Ros commands the first and third periods of play, instead suffering the opponents' initiatives in the second and last quarter. This alternation in the partials makes the match balanced as a whole: the winners, in the final stages, are the hosts, who prevail 68-62.


Under 18 Excellence


Cus Turin 94

Derthona Basketball 54

Derthona: Zonca 7, Miljkovic 9, Semeghini 16, Rota, Lisini 2, Karac 7, Arnaldo 2, Armanino 9, Bellinaso, Angeleri 2. Coach Nunzi Ass. Fanaletti

Defeat for the Under 18s Excellence on the pitch for Cus Torino: the Lions pay for a sprint start from their opponents (24-7 in the opening 10') which directs the match. In the two central fractions the Bianconeri play on equal terms with Cus, raising the level of physicality and intensity and trying to reduce the gap accumulated previously. In the last quarter, however, the home team showed renewed acceleration and prevailed 94-54.


Under 18 Silver


Derthona Basketball 82

Asd Basketball Chieri 38

Derthona: Fiorucci 2, Emanuelli 20, Bottaro 17, Curti 11, Lombardi 5, Calù, Melisi 1, Viale 12, Lerta 6, Coffano 8. Coach De Ros

Convincing success for the Lions on the first day of this phase of the championship: the match against Chieri is directed right from the start of the game, with Derthona capable of imposing its own pace. The 54-12 at the break constitutes an unbridgeable gap, which is expanded to 82-38 at the final siren.


Pancalieri 32

Derthona Basketball 88

Derthona: Pezzulla 9, Fiorucci 8, Emanuelli 11, Bottaro 5, Curti 14, Lombardi 7, Calu', Melisi 4, Viale 13, Lerta 11, Coffano 6. All. De Ros

Second victory in the final group for the Lions, who imposed their own pace on the match right from the start (13-32 at 10'), then extending their lead at half-time. In the second half the team coached by De Ros controls the match and triumphs 32-88. The next championship match will be Sunday 13 June at 10.00 on the Tam Tam pitch.


Under 16 Excellence


Derthona Basketball 70

Collegno Basket 43

Derthona: Lisini 17, Leone, Mogni 2, Di Mattia, Besostri 5, Vio 13, Davio, Arnaldo 4, Lam 4, Bellinaso 8, Bertelli 11, Ferrari 6 All. Nunzi Ass. Fanaletti

Convincing success for the young Lions who, within the friendly walls of PalaCamagna, controlled the match right from the start, imparting a high pace to the match thanks to the defensive application and the fluidity in attack which characterized their entire match. After the +8 in the first quarter, the Bianconeri extended their lead in the second half thanks to the offensive difficulties of their opponents and went to the break with a margin of safety. In the second half Collegno tries to reduce the gap, but the team coached by Nunzi continues to grind out the game and controls the partial, winning 70-43 at the siren. The last match of the championship will see Derthona involved on Saturday 12 June at 17.00 pm at PalaCamagna against San Mauro.


Under 15 Silver


Derthona Basketball 96

Bk Club Trecate 42

Derthona: Chikal 12, Bonardi 2, Ablatico 5, Borasi 10, Ferrario, Calvaresi, Gay 24, Acquini 4, Repetto 27, Bordoni E. 12. Coach De Ros

Seventh victory in as many championship matches for the Under 15 Silver, at the end of a balanced match for the first period of play. In the second half the Lions took command of the operations and extended the margin beyond double figures. In the last period, then, thanks to a maxi partial of 40-4 the gap grows to 96-42 at the siren.


Under 14 Elite


Pall. Moncalieri 71

Derthona Basketball 56

Derthona: Vio 9, Bonardi, Ablatico 6, Borasi 2, Bordoni 4, Calvaresi, Bellinaso 4, Chikal 16, Dalocchio, Acquini 5, Defilippo 6, Cervini 4. All. Della Godenza

Defeat for the young Leoncini on the pitch of one of the most popular teams in the group. The team coached by Della Godenza played fluidly for almost the entire first half, leading the game in terms of scores for a long time before being overtaken by the opponent in the final stages. In the second half, Moncalieri tries to make the decisive push in the match but the Bianconeri resist until the final period, when the hosts find the winning move that allows them to prevail 71-56.


Under 13 Regional


Union Basketball 50

Derthona Basket 80

Derthona: Cazzola 12, Stefanescu 6, Omoregie 11, Zanelli, Bellinaso 14, Bocchio 8, Moroni 4, Censurini 11, Maruffo 4, Grassi 2, Zanocco, Speretta 8. All. Fanaletti Ass. Censurini

Regional semi-final reached for the young Leoncini, authors of a solid and concrete performance on the Borgoticino field. The team coached by Fanaletti imposes its own pace on the match right from the start, finding great participation in attack and a defensive intensity that allows it to soon reach the double-digit margin. The Bianconeri then controlled the match in the following halves, resisting every comeback attempt by the hosts and further widening the gap in the final minutes. The final is 50-80, four players in double figures: now it's time for the semi-final (Sunday 13 June at 15.00pm at PalaCamagna against Lo.Vi Basket).

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