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The week of the Juventus youth teams

The week of the Juventus youth teams

Series C Silver


Olympia Voghera 75

Olimpia Milan 85

Voghera: Banchero 5, Mogni 15, Gay 17, Barbieri, Sackey 19, Marangon 4, Bruciamonti 9, Rota 6, Semeghini ne, Karac. All. Franchini Ass. Fanaletti, Censurini

Olympia Voghera surrenders after extra time on the second day of the Serie C Silver clock phase. The team coached by Franchini played a good match against a young and talented opponent, surrendering only in the final stages with a score of 75-85.


Under 20 Gold


Teens Basketball Biella 61

Derthona Basketball 86


Derthona: Cremonti, Nizzola 7, Tava 1, Mogni 20, Emanuelli 14, Pezzulla 2, Bottaro 5, Curti 8, Lonardo, Lisini 25, Lombardi, Neri 4. All. De Ros Ass. Censurini

New success for the Lions in the second phase of the championship: on the Biella pitch, the team coached by De Ros gave the decisive push to the match already in the first half, finishing ahead 30-53. In the second half the Bianconeri managed the accumulated margin and won 61-86.


Under 18 Excellence


Pall. I'm going 77

Derthona Basketball 41

Derthona: Pezzulla 2, Massoni 4, Zonca, Semeghini 8, Rota 6, Lisini 12, Karac 2, Arnaldo, Armanino 4, Bellinaso 3, Angeleri. All. Nunzi Ass. Della Godenza, Fanaletti

Away defeat for the Bianconeri on the Vado Ligure pitch: the hosts asserted their greater physical strength right from the start of the match, also complicating the offensive plans of the team coached by Nunzi. In the second half Vado further widens the gap and prevails 77-41 at the end.


Derthona Basketball 79

Basketball Pegli 69


Derthona: Colombetti 2, Semeghini 13, Vio, Rota 30, Lisini 4, Karac, Arnaldo, Armanino 16, Bellinaso 10, Angeleri 4. All. Nunzi Ass. Della Godenza

Convincing success for the Under 18 Eccellenza at the end of a balanced match for its entire duration, which saw the Lions conduct operations in a decisive manner starting from the second half of the game (28-12 break) before the return attempt guest. In the last quarter the two teams play with intensity and find good offensive solutions: Derthona extends in the final and wins 79-69, with four players in double figures (best scorer Rota, author of 30 points).


Under 16 Excellence


Derthona Basketball 70

Junior Casale 34

Derthona: Lisini 20, Leone, Mogni 2, Di Mattia 2, Besostri 2, Vio 19, Arnaldo 3, Lam 6, Milanesi, Bellinaso 9, Bertelli 7, Ferrari. All. Nunzi Ass. Della Godenza, Fanaletti

Victory in the provincial derby for Derthona Basket, who controlled the match from the first quarter thanks to a great defensive intensity that limited Casale's attack, held to just 7 points in the opening 10 minutes. In the following halves, the Lions progressively increased their gap by playing at a high pace and exploiting rotations, finding a good contribution from all the boys on the pitch. The final is 70-34, the team coached by Nunzi repeats the success achieved in the first leg.


Under 15 Silver


Derthona Basketball 76

Junior Casale 31


Derthona: Chikal 6, Dalocchio 4, Bonardi 6, Ablatico 3, Ferrario 6, Gay 20, Repetto 12, Acquini 5, Defilippo 2, Bordoni E. 12. Coach De Ros

The Under 15 team continues its undefeated journey and, within the friendly walls of PalaCamagna, beats Junior Casale in the provincial derby. The Lions impacted the match with the correct intensity and dug an unbridgeable gap (47-15) already in the first half, further increasing the gap in the second half up to 76-31 at the siren.


Under 14 Elite


Derthona Basketball 49

Cus Torino 80


Derthona: Vio 9, Bonardi 2, Ablatico, Borasi 2, Bordoni 2, Calvaresi 5, Bellinaso 5, Chikal 11, Dalocchio, Acquini 11, Defilippo 2, Cervini. All. Nunzi Ass. Of Godenza

Defeat for the young Lions within the friendly walls of PalaCamagna: after a first quarter played with high intensity, Derthona suffered the greater physicality of their opponents, who gave the decisive push to the match (24-43 at 20'). In the second half Cus widened their gap, but the hosts showed good fluidity in attack and contained the gap. At the buzzer it's 49-80.


Under 13 Regional


Derthona Basketball 69
S. Giuseppe Trecate 46

Derthona: Cazzola 8, Stefanescu 4, Omoregie 8, Zanelli 5, Bassi 4, Bellinaso 13, Bocchio 7, Moroni 4, Censurini 7, Grassi 2, Zanocco, Speretta 7. All. Fanaletti Ass. D'Amico

Convincing success for the Leoncini in the opening match of the second phase of the championship: the baskets of Bellinaso and Omoregie, in the first quarter, allow Derthona to make an important breakthrough (23-8). In the two central quarters, good defensive attention allowed the team coached by Fanaletti to contain Trecate's comeback attempt and, in the last quarter, to significantly extend their lead to 69-46 at the siren.


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