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28/04/2024 18:15
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The week of the Juventus youth teams

The week of the Juventus youth teams

Under 18 DNG

Pall. Varese 97

Derthona 61

Derthona: Paulinus 16, Barbieri 12, Rota 3, Emanuelli 2, Dolcino 6, Cremaschi 7, Bosetti 8, Lisini 5, Ugolini ne. All. Talpo

Defeat for the Under 18 DNG of Derthona Basket, who falls on the pitch of one of the favorite teams in the entire group. The Bianconeri, despite the shortened rotations due to physical problems, played on par with their opponents for the entire first half. In the second half, Varese's defensive growth made the difference in favor of the home team, who increased their margin until the final siren. Of note is Paulinus' good return from injury which bodes well for the future.

Under 18 Regional Gold

Valsesia 68

Derthona 70

Derthona: Denicolò L. 3, Cremonti, Nizzola 11, Scarrone 2, Tava 2, Mogni 17, Cattaneo 5, Pernigotti 14, Lonardo, Neri, Pace 6, Denicolò G. 10. All. De Ros

Winning debut away for the Under 18 team playing in the Regional Gold championship: the team coached on this occasion by coach De Ros, who replaces coach Censurini, triumphed at the end of a hard-fought match. The sprint start of the hosts from Valsesia - capable of quickly accumulating an 8-point lead - was followed by the reaction of the Bianconeri, who came back into contact already in the final stages of the first half of the game. After two central quarters played on the edge of balance, what made the difference in Derthona's favor was the greater clarity with which the Bianconeri were able to manage the final: the match was decided by two free throws by Lorenzo Denicolò 1 second from the siren.

Under 16 Excellence

Basketball Pegli 58

Derthona 49

Derthona: Pezzulla, Cabella, Bagnasco, Gabatelli, Sala, Tosi 11, Rota 16, Lombardi 3, Melisi, Viale 2, Emanuelli 10, Bottaro 17. All. Gaudio

Derthona made a great start to the match, managing to find good offensive solutions during the first half of the match, taking the lead at half-time. Upon returning from the locker room, the home team reacted, first reducing their gap and then taking the lead already at the third siren. The last quarter was played on the edge of balance, until the basket and foul that gave Pegli a two-possession lead (48-43) put the game in the hands of the home team, who won 58-49 .

Pall. Connecting rod 76

Derthona 58

Derthona: Pezzulla, Bagnasco, Gabatelli 1, Rangone, Sala 1, Tosi 7, Rota 22, Lombardi, Melisi, Viale 4, Emanuelli 18, Bottaro 15. All. Gaudio

The Derthona Basket team falls in Biella, facing an opponent who made the most of his physical strength. The Bianconeri, conditioned by some absences which shortened coach Gaudio's rotations, played on par for the first quarter, before suffering an opponent's break in the second half of the game. The double-digit lead accumulated by Biella in the first half was never recovered by Derthona: the match ended 76-58 for the home team. The Juventus team's next match will be on Saturday 20 October at the PalaCamagna against 5 Pari Torino.

Under 15 Regional Gold

Letter 22 52

Derthona 84

Derthona: Sacco 14, Gavio 2, Colombetti 22, Fiorucci 3, Curti 3, Orlando 6, Calù 3, Magrassi 11, Tosi, Lerta 6, Coffano 12, Angeleri 2. Coach De Ros

Very positive debut in the championship for the Juventus Under 15s, who achieved a convincing success on the Ivrea pitch. Right from the start, Derthona controlled the pace of the match, accumulating a good lead already at half-time (40-17). In the second half the leitmotif of the match does not change and the Bianconeri are able to manage and expand their margin up to 84-52 at the final siren.

Under 14 Elite

Novara 57

Derthona 60

Derthona: Castagna 10, Lisini 2, Mogni 3, Ramazzina, Vio 13, Moro 24, Segatto, Lam, Bellinaso 8, Bertelli, Ferrari. All. Bisin

Good victory on their championship debut for Derthona, who lead in points from the first minutes of the game. The reaction of the opponents, however, was not long in coming and at half-time the two teams were in perfect balance. Upon returning from the locker rooms, neither team manages to significantly increase the score: this leads to a sprint finish in which the Bianconeri prevail thanks to good choices and the right concentration on both sides of the pitch.

Upcoming commitments


Olympia Voghera-Pall. Castronno

Fri 19/10 at 21.15pm

Series D

Eteila Bk-Pall. Tortona

Sun 21/10 at 18.15 pm

Under 18 DNG

Derthona-PMS Turin

Mon 22/10 at 20.00pm

Under 18 Regional Gold

Pall.Tortona-Trecate B

Thu 18/10 at 20.00pm

Pall.Tortona-Trecate A

Tue 23/10 at 20.00pm

Under 16 Excellence

Derthona-5 Draw

Sat 20/10 at 17.30pm

Under 15 Regional Gold


Sat 20/10 at 15.15pm

Under 14 Elite

Derthona-College Bk

Sun 21/10 at 11.30 pm

Under 13 Regional

The times and dates of the championship will be communicated later

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