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The week of the Juventus youth teams

Under 18 Regional

The week of the Juventus youth teams

Under 18 Regional Gold

Tortona 42

Tam Tam Turin 61

Tortona: Denicolò L. 4, Cremonti, Nizzola 2, Tava 3, Mogni 14, Cattaneo 2, Pernigotti 6, Zanchetta 2, Lonardo 2, Neri, Denicolò G. 7. All. Censurini Ass. Lonardo

Complex match for the team coached by Censurini, who suffered the greater physicality of their opponents and ended the first half trailing 18-35. Upon returning from the locker rooms, the Lions play with energy and reduce their gap to 9 points, before Tam Tam extends the score again and wins with a score of 42-61.

Under 16 Excellence

Genoa 90

Derthona 65

Derthona: Pezzulla 7, Colombetti 4, Bagnasco 2, Sala 3, Tosi 11, Rota 14, Lombardi 2, Melisi 4, Rangone 4, Emanuelli 12, Bottaro 2. Coach Gaudio

Defeat for the Lions in the match played in Genoa: the hosts were the protagonists of a good first quarter in which, thanks to good defensive intensity, they reached a double-digit lead (15-4 at 10'). In the second half comes the reaction of the Bianconeri, capable of returning to just one possession behind at the end of the first half; upon returning from the locker rooms there remains great balance on the pitch between the two teams before Genoa scores a new break between the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth period, triumphing with a score of 90-65.

Under 14 Elite

Derthona 58

College Borgomanero 64

Derthona: Castagna 2, Lisini 2, Mogni 3, Vio 18, Davio, Moro 19, Lam 2, Milanesi, Bellinaso 12, Bertelli, Murtas, Ferrari. All. Bisin

The Juventus team surrendered in Borgomanero within the friendly walls of PalaCamagna at the end of a balanced match from start to finish. What made the difference in favor of the guests were some baskets scored in the last minute which allowed the College to win with a score of 58-64. Of note, among the Derthona ranks, are the good performances of Vio and Moro.


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Fri 26/04 – 21.30 pm

Under 18 Regional Gold

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Wed 17/04 – 20.00 pm

Under 16 Excellence


Thu 18/04 – 20.00 pm

Under 15 Regional Gold


Thu 18/04 – 20.15 pm

Under 14 Elite

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Thu 02/05 – 20.15 pm


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