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28/04/2024 18:15
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The week of the Juventus youth teams

Under 18 Excellence

The week of the Juventus youth teams

Under 18 DNG

Derthona 91

College Borgomanero 89

Derthona: Paulinus 14, Cremaschi 8, Buffo 26, Barbieri 4, Ugolini 22, Dolcino, Lisini 10, Tchintcharauli 4, Emanuelli, Moro 3. Coach Talpo Ass. Gaudio

Great match for the Juventus team who, against Borgomanero, achieved a well-deserved success at the end of a match played excellently on both halves of the pitch. The match remains balanced for its entire duration and extra time is needed to decide it: the Lions triumph 91-89. An excellent result for the company; Cremaschi's positive return should be noted.


Under 18 Regional Gold

Tortona 80

Arona 71

Tortona: Denicolò L. 11, Cremonti 4, Nizzola 9, Scarrone, Tava 6, Mogni 14, Cattaneo, Pernigotti 20, Zanchetta 10, Lonardo, Neri, Denicolò G. 6. All. Censurini Ass. Lonardo

Beautiful and important victory for the Juventus team who, against Arona, led the match from the start, finding effective solutions on both halves of the pitch. The guests still manage to stay in touch and, only towards the end, the Lions find the baskets that allow them to triumph 80-71.


Under 16 Excellence

Novipiù Piemonte 80

Derthona 56

Derthona: Pezzulla 5, Colombetti 5, Bagnasco, Sala, Tosi 4, Rota 20, Melisi, Viale 13, Rangone, Emanuelli 5, Bottaro 4. All. Gaudio Ass. Bisin

Defeat for the Juventus team, which suffered a sprint start from the home team in the first half (19-4 at 10'). The Lions react and play on equal terms against their highly rated opponents in the following periods, reaching -9 with 5 minutes to go: Campus, however, does not lose its clarity and led by Ciuffreda scores a new partial which closes the match. The final is 80-56.

College Borgomanero 88

Derthona 70

Derthona: Pezzulla 12, Bagnasco, Sala, Tosi 8, Lombardi 3, Melisi 7, Viale 18, Rangone 2, Emanuelli 20. All. Gaudio Ass. Bisin

The Juventus team, without Rota and Bottaro, fell to Borgomanero: in the first quarter the Lions suffered the energy of their opponents, who took a lead of 33-10 in the 10th minute. Derthona reacted in the second period, capable of reducing the distance from their opponents to 15. In the second half the balance reigns between the two teams: the final sees Borgomanero triumph 88-70.

Derthona 69

Galliate 73

Derthona: Pezzulla 17, Colombetti, Bagnasco, Sala, Tosi 9, Rota 21, Melisi 2, Viale 5, Rangone, Emanuelli 3, Bottaro 12. All. Gaudio Ass. Bisin

Defeat for the Juventus team who, against Galliate, played a good first quarter (21-17 at 10') before suffering a comeback from their opponents who took the lead before the break. In the final the Lions returned to -2 without managing to overtake: Galliate triumphed 69-73.


Under 15 Regional Gold

Arona 72

Derthona 54

Derthona: Colombetti 15, Vio 6, Fiorucci 13, Curti, Moro 8, Lisini, Calù 2, Lerta 6, Coffano 4, Angeleri. All. De Ros

Defeat for the Juventus Under 15s who, on the Arona pitch, paid for the break produced by the hosts in the second half (partial score of 23-10) which directed the match. In the other periods a substantial balance reigned between the two teams: at the buzzer Arona triumphed 72-54, a wider gap than what the two teams put on the pitch.


Under 14 Elite

Derthona 55

Letter 22 Ivrea 51

Derthona: Castagna 6, Lisini 13, Leone, Mogni, Vio 8, Davio, Moro 14, Lam 2, Milanesi 6, Bellinaso 6, Coppi, Ferrari. All. Bisin

Victory for the Juventus Under 14 team at the end of a match that saw great balance on the pitch for the entire forty minutes. What allowed the Lions to achieve success were the last possessions of the match: the final saw Derthona triumph 55-51.


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