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The week of Juventus minibasketball

The week of Juventus minibasketball


Omegna 36

Derthona 26

Derthona: Vio, Singh, Emiliani, Bordoni, Ablatico, Aquini, Borasi, Cervini, Calvaresi, Bellinaso, Mazzarotto, Dalocchio. All. Gaudio Ass. Pernigotti, Gay

Defeat for the young Leoncini, who suffered a sprint start from Omegna who took the lead at 19-6 at the break thanks to the greater physicality put on the pitch. In the third quarter the Bianconeri returned to -6 thanks to excellent plays on both halves of the pitch. However, Derthona fails to make a comeback in the final part: Omegna wins 36-26.


Derthona 11

Serravalle 13

Derthona: Accili, Bocchio, Binno, Bonaldi, Censi, Censurini, De Filippo, Gatti, Maruffo, Loria, Speretta, Ticau. All. D'Amico

Very encouraging performance from the young Leoncini, who, opposite Serravalle, played on equal terms against their opponents in all six quarters of the game. The final saw the guests win 11-13: the energy, determination and progress shown by the Bianconeri should be highlighted.


Derthona: Bardhan, Ferrari, Borasi, Musso, Poggi, Cuniolo, Sala, Bo, Cucchi, Popovici. All. Scardaci Gay Ass

Great performance by the young Leoncini players in the concentration held in Serravalle: the Scoiattoli won both matches played, against the home team and against Valenza. Worth noting is the determination and continuous improvements made by the Bianconeri during these matches.


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