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28/04/2024 18:15
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The week of Juventus minibasketball

The week of Juventus minibasketball


Novara 51

Derthona 37

Derthona: Vio, Singh, Emiliani, Bordoni, Ablatico, Aquini, Borasi, Cervini, Calvaresi, Bellinaso, Mazzarotto, Dalocchio. All. Gaudio Ass. Pernigotti, Gay

Good performance for the young Leoncini players on the Novara pitch: in the first two quarters the home team took advantage of the Bianconeri's early start to extend their scoring. In the third period Derthona increases its defensive intensity and closes the gap, without however managing to complete the comeback in the final: Novara wins 51-37.


Derthona 8

Connecting rod 16

Derthona: Bocchio, Binno, Boatca, Bonaldi, Censi, Censurini, De Filippo, Gatti, Maruffo, Milazzo, Speretta, Ticau. All. Degrades

Good performance from the young Leoncini, against Biella: the Bianconeri play on par in all quarters and show progress compared to previous matches of the season. The final saw the guests triumph 8-16.


Derthona: Bruno, Borasi, Baldini, Cucchi, Musso, Marcantonio, Piscitelli, Bardahan, Zavattin Cadamosti Andrea, Cadamosti Alberto, Gligic, Poggi, Ferrera. All. Gay, Scardaci

First day of the Blue Group of the Scoiattoli championship which saw the young Leoncinis engaged against Valenza and Serravalle in the matches played at PalaOltrepò on Saturday afternoon, before the Serie A2 match between Bertram Derthona and Benacquista Latina which the boys attended after the afternoon of matches . The Bianconeri prevailed in both matches, showing great progress compared to the beginning of the year: praise also goes to their opponents, who fought with great commitment.


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