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Bertram grants an encore to Next Gen: new success against Sassari

Bertram grants an encore to Next Gen: new success against Sassari

Bertram Yachts Tortona – Banco di Sardegna Sassari 77-65
(21-10, 45-33, 59-50)


Bertram: Tambwe 6, Tandia 10, Maiga 9, Biaggini 9, P. Lisini 5, Errica 11, Appetiti, Baldi 15, Jankovic, R. Bellinaso 6, Armanino 6, Moro. All. Ansaloni.

Banco di Sardegna: Motzo 12, Basoli 2, Casu ne, Denti, M. Piredda 4, Giua ne, Pitirra 6, S. Piredda 13, Pisano 18, Mura, Raffo 2, Palazzi 8. All. Zucca.

Referees: Bartolini, Marianetto, Esposito.


La Bertram Tortona maintains full points after the first two days of the match Next Gen Cup 2022/23. After Brindisi the team coached by Luca Ansaloni confirms itself against Bank of Sardinia Sassari and rises to 4 points in the first stage of Pesaro of the Group A of the competition reserved for U19 teams Excellence of the sixteen Serie A clubs. Even if less evident than the day before, the Juventus success was legitimized by the scoring for practically the entire match with the exception of the initial 0-4 and with the culmination of +22 reached in the second part of the second period, in a match in which Bertram was also stronger due to her lack of precision when shooting three-pointers (6/28 the total count).

The start of the match showcased Biaggini, with 7 points in the 13-0 run with which Derthona overturned their small opening deficit. And when Errica scores 6 points in a row the lead already reaches double figures after less than nine minutes, 21-8. Much of the two central quarters proceed in spurts, with continuous breaks and counterbreaks. The recovery at the beginning of the second period by the Sardinians was in fact sent back by a powerful response from Tortona with Tambwe, Tandia, Bellinaso and the first team triples signed by Baldi which brought the maximum gap to 41-19. Sassari doesn't give up, the bursts of Pisano, S. Piredda and Motzo give back breath and enthusiasm to Dinamo who clearly closes the gap before a great penetrating basket from Errica sets the +12 of the long interval at the end.

Lisini enters the scoresheet with 5 consecutive points, Baldi has now warmed his hand with his personal triple number three, but a fortunate long-range basket from Motzo means the disadvantage is back in double figures for the islanders at 59-50 at the end of the third fraction. The fear of a comeback is definitively removed by the athleticism of Tandia (double double with 10+12 rebounds and 3 steals), who among his 6 points in a few actions draws further applause by flying very high to score an alley-oop with a foul and making to Bertram a +15 which with 7' to play is no longer questioned by the Sardinians.

Tomorrow at 13pm, with “debut” inmain arena of Vitrifrigo after the first two episodes in the secondary gym, Bertram will be awaited by UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia to try to conclude the Pesaro experience with a clear path and present themselves in the best possible way at the second stage in February in Trento and Rovereto. The match will be live on Eleven Sports, www.legabasket.it and, to demonstrate its relevance, chosen by Legabasket itself as the only match of the day broadcast on its Facebook page.


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