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#iotifoleoni: start to the Simecom and Derthona Basket contest

#iotifoleoni: start to the Simecom and Derthona Basket contest

One of the most awaited and heartfelt events on the Bertram Yachts Derthona calendar is rapidly approaching, which will receive a visit - at the PalaOltrepò in Voghera, Sunday 17 January at 18.00 pm - from the Novipiù JB Monferrato for the provincial Derby. A match that in recent years has never failed to provide excitement on the pitch and in the stands, thanks also to the collaboration of Simecom, long-time partner of the Corso Alessandria 1 Club and protagonist - as match sponsor - of the latest matches against the team coached by Mattia Ferrari.

To make Sunday's match even more exciting, Simecom and Derthona Basket have decided to launch the contest #iotifoleoni, with the aim of involving Juventus supporters even remotely during a match so rich in meaning.

Participating in the competition is simple: wear a garment that tells of your passion for black and white, take a selfie and send it to the company through the communication channels - social media and email: ufficiostampa@derthonabasket.it – to join and participate. The subsequent voting will then take place on a special page on the Derthona Basket website.

Up for grabs? A special race overshirt, bearing the Simecom and DB logos on the front and the hashtag #iotifoleoni on the back. To embellish everything, the signature of Jalen Cannon, who wears the Simecom overshirt during the championship matches.

Live updates on the progress of the contest, the photos and the winner will then be revealed over the next week through the Club's website and official social channels.

A new opportunity to team up, to take the field with Derthona: #iotifoleoni, because true Lions are always in a pack, there are no distances.