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20/04/2024 19:00
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The conference on bullying and cyberbullying in the Senate: the speech by CEO Ferencz Bartocci

The conference on bullying and cyberbullying in the Senate: the speech by CEO Ferencz Bartocci

Two issues that Bertram has been dealing with and preventing for years, through physical and social initiatives: Bullying e cyberbullying these are aspects that are too common in today's society. On the initiative of Senator Giusy Versace, yesterday, Wednesday 7 February, the conference entitled took place “Bullying and cyberbullying: culture and sport as prevention tools”. The event took place on the occasion of the National Day against these social issues.

In addition to Senator Versace, the following were discussing the topic: Luca Massaccesi, President of the National Observatory on Bullying and Youth Disorder and Olympic bronze medalist in taekwondo, Matteo Fabris, Developmental Psychologist and Researcher at the Department of Psychology of the University of Turin, Professor Maria Teresa Cipollone of the National Association of Lazio Region Principals e Ferencz Bartocci, CEO of Bertram Derthona and Sole Director of Gestion Cittadella. The CEO of the Club spoke about raid and introduced the new challenge of Derthona Basket, the project EuroHoop for All 2.0, a European project funded through the programme Erasmus+ 2023.

“EuroHoop for All 2.0 is the name of the event that Derthona Basket will organize in September 2024 in Tortona, in the new structure of the Cittadella dello Sport – the comment of Ferencz Bartocci, CEO of Bertram Derthona -. Baskin will be the protagonist, a discipline open to players with and without disabilities, of all levels and all ages. The beautiful setting of the Senate has allowed us to further promote this sport born in Italy, precisely in Cremona, from the imagination of Antonio Bodini in observing his children while they enjoyed playing an adapted version of basketball, which maintains a high level of this sport fun and also competition".

The conference took place at Hall of the Fallen of Nassirya of the Senate of Rome and was an important opportunity for reflection and dialogue on complex and extremely topical issues. Among the topics covered by the speakers, the use of social media, school and the educational value of sport: there were numerous points of interest to work on at a regulatory and social level that emerged from the interventions of the speakers at the event.