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The Derthona Basket youth sector signs a technical-sports collaboration agreement with Novara Basket

The Derthona Basket youth sector signs a technical-sports collaboration agreement with Novara Basket

Derthona Basketball Lab ASD is pleased to announce the birth of a technical-sports partnership with Novara Basketball ASD, an increasingly emerging club in the Piedmontese youth basketball scene. The official announcement was made with the signing which took place this week on the pitch of the new facility Citadel of Sport di Tortona, with the president of the Tortona youth sector Claudio Coffano and the vice president and technical director from Novara Enrico Marietta to seal the agreement, in the presence of the two respective technical managers Luca Ansaloni e Gabriele Carmenati, the president of Novara Ugo Finetti and the manager responsible for Derthona's youth sector Andrea Ablatico.

Following this agreement, Novara Basket becomes the sole point of reference for Derthona Basket in the recruitment of young prospects throughout eastern Piedmont and for the promotion of its project throughout the Novara area.

Derthona Basket thanks Novara Basket for the esteem shown towards its work and for having identified it as the ideal partner for the development of such an ambitious project. For its part, the Novara club, thanks to the technical and organizational support of a professional club like Derthona, in addition to guaranteeing the now consolidated peculiarities of inclusion and human growth, will immediately be able to represent a fundamental point of reference for the many local athletes for the own technical and professional growth.



Enrico Marietta"For us, this collaboration with a club of absolute value at both a men's and women's level such as Derthona is very important, as it will be able to grow our activity, in particular the youth one, where we have been present for years in the sector with important, quality teams and with lots of numbers. We will have the opportunity to open up the technical part for our kids at the highest level, hoping over time that more and more kids will be able to play and grow with us to reach higher goals, as already happened with 2007 Gabriele Fonio Fracchia, product of our academy currently playing for Derthona's youth team".

Andrea Ablatico"We continue in the wake of this albeit short tradition of ours in which we partner with companies that have important backgrounds, numbers and technical management. "Affiliated" companies, to which we can give that little bit more visibility and technical knowledge of the situations to be managed in order to make them grow. Novara is a club that we have known for a long time, it has excellent facilities, an excellent way of working in the area and a high level technical and managerial staff, so I believe that interesting developments can arise from this agreement. It was something that had intrigued me for some time and having done it, with the collaboration of Enrico Marietta and the other Novara managers, makes me particularly happy.”. In the hope of perhaps having other Fonio Fracchia, a leading member of the U17 Eccellenza team who is fighting in the black and white jersey to win the National Category Finals: "Gabriele is a very good guy, he has shown that he has aptitude, a desire to learn and also a spirit of endurance. I'm sure that with the way of working that I was able to observe in Novara, the possibilities for others to emerge are truly remarkable".


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