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Coach Ramondino's point on Radio PNR

Coach Ramondino's point on Radio PNR

Guest of last night's episode of PNR Sport Club, the Tuesday sports show of Radio PNR, media partner of the Club, coach Marco Ramondino answered the questions of Stefano Brocchetti and Luca Sturla and outlined a substantial assessment of the current season, starting with the comment on the qualification for the White Group of the clock phase: "Being among the best three teams in the group with three matchdays to spare is a great satisfaction, an ambition and a dream that we had at the beginning of the year. Our goal is to improve game after game and have a high-level championship, given the efforts made by the club to structure the roster. Now we will have to be good at conquering everything we get between now and the end of the season".

The Juventus head coach then analyzed the results and performances of the last period, claiming how "we cannot be happy with how we played nor with the result, because the history of our season says that the results were a consequence of very good and continuous performances. In the last few games, however, we have not been so consistent. We are not satisfied with what we have done so far and will try to improve the results and quality of the game despite a year above initial expectations. I believe that, from the last games lost, we can take with us the character that the boys have shown. This is a ruthless championship, in which we need to find alternative energy and solutions."

The current first place in the Green Group standings was the result of a continuous and growing first part of the season, until a moment of physical difficulty: “the beginning of the year reflected the quality of the work done in the gym during training, despite playing many matches, while from December onwards we had more problems”. Coach Ramondino also took stock of the injured players, Tavernelli and Fabi, who were joined last Sunday by Bruno Mascolo: "TheFabi's absence has an impact on all levels, physical, technical and leadership. She is working to re-athlete herself and in the next week we will take stock of her return to the group. Tavernelli, on the other hand, is better and we hope to have him available for the match against Bergamo on Sunday. Mascolo suffered a blow to his elbow on Sunday against Mantova, but then continued to play anyway. We are monitoring his situation these days.".

In the final part of his speech, the head coach of Derthona Basket analyzed the future of the season, stating how "Serie A would be a great recognition for the economic and emotional investments of our management team and owners. In recent years Derthona has had a dramatic growth, winning championships and cups. No company has done as much as ours in recent years, which is why we must be proud of what we have achieved. This season there are teams that set out with the aim of promotion, we entered on merit. The matches that await us, against the best of the other group, will be extremely exciting and motivating due to the possibility of competing with the highest level offered by the championship".