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Derthona defeated at the siren in Treviso

Derthona defeated at the siren in Treviso

Nutribullet Treviso-Bertram Derthona 72-70 

(15-18, 31-44, 53-56)


Treviso: Russell 16, Tadiotto ne, Vettori ne, Faggian ne, Bortolani 5, Poser ne, Imbrò 18, Chillo 10, Sokolowski 8, Dimsa 8, Jones 4, Akele 3. Coach Menetti

Derthona: Mortellaro ne, Wright 10, Rota ne, Cannon 10, Baldi ne, Tavernelli 3, Mascolo 9, Severini 3, Sanders, Daum 7, Cain 6, Macura 22. Coach Ramondino


A basket by Russell 2 seconds from the siren condemns Bertram to defeat at the PalaVerde. After a first half, and a second quarter in particular, of a high level in which Derthona led the match in pace and scoring, Treviso progressively reduced their gap, overtaking in the third quarter. After the reaction of the team coached by coach Ramondino, who returned to lead the match once again, the sprint finish rewarded the hosts.


First quarter of partials at the PalaVerde: after the initial 4-0 of the hosts, Bertram - attacking the area with continuity - produces a break of 3-14 which is worth the first break (7-14). In the final stages of the half, Treviso increases the intensity of its defense and closes the quarter to 15-18. In the second half Derthona tries to give an important boost to the match by scoring three consecutive outside baskets: after the one scored by Daum, which is worth 25-37, coach Menetti stops the match. The Bianconeri continue in their favorable moment, extending their maximum lead in the final stages of the first half: at half-time the score is 31-44.

Upon returning from the locker rooms, Treviso - led by the initiatives of Russell and Sokolowski - first reduced their gap, then overtook them (reaching up to 53-49) by playing with clarity in attack. In Bertram's most difficult moment in the match, Mascolo and Cannon produce a counter break of 0-7 which sets the score at 53-56 after three periods. The last quarter flows in balance for its entire duration: this leads to a sprint finish. Sokolowski scores 65, Wright is cool on the line and gives Bertram a two-point margin. It is then Russell - with a three-point basket - who brings Nutribullet back ahead (68-67); on the following Juventus attack Mascolo commits an attacking foul. Treviso extends thanks to Imbrò's 2/2, Macura ties the game with a three-point basket 9 seconds from the siren. In the last action Russell scores the winning basket for Treviso: it ends 72-70.

Thus coach Marco Ramondino at the end of the race: ʺCongratulations to Treviso for the victory. Tonight the game was very physical, especially in the second quarter and second half. We struggled to maintain fluidity in the game, Treviso fouled a lot of our spaces and made us take bad shots. Some errors prevented us from winning the match, but we must still be happy with some aspects such as the ability to play in the first half, to react to an important partial by Treviso and to put ourselves in a position to win a match by shooting fifteen free throws less than our adversaries. These aspects must be continued, but we need to improve some things, such as unforced errors, lack of communication and readiness..