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Derthona on the pitch with Santachiara in the fight against bullying and cyberbullying

Derthona on the pitch with Santachiara in the fight against bullying and cyberbullying

Il Derthona Basketball andSantachiara Institute of Tortona are relaunching, together, the fight against bullying and cyberbullying. The first act last year, on February 7, 2020, with the flashmob “A dribble against bullying”: students from all the city's schools had arrived in Piazza Duomo to demonstrate the values ​​of inclusion and sport.

The event began with the Mayor's greeting Federico Chiodi, who had expressed words of appreciation for the initiative and for the works presented by the children.

A day enriched by the words of HE Mons. Viola, Bishop of Tortona, who addressed the square thus: “It's not those who show their muscles who are strong... those who know how to be with the little ones, with the poor, those who know how to help, understand, listen are strong.”, and from the looks of the many young people happy to share an important moment together with the athletes of the Lions first team.

School and sport are the places where we fight every day to build a better future, to educate the new generations in mutual respect and the sharing of values. Moved by this strong sense of responsibility, the Santachiara institute and Derthona Basket renew their commitment to act on the issue, launching a message of encouragement and hope through an emotional video which will be published on social media on Sunday 7 February 2021 and which will see the students of the diocesan school are the protagonists, together with the A2 basketball players.

The initiative was designed in line with the Sustainable Development objectives of Agenda 2030, in particular "goal 10: reduce inequalities" and "goal 16: peace, justice and solid institutions".

With this project Derthona Basket reiterates its profound vocation to play a key role in the territory and in the life of the Tortona people, building experiences of active citizenship and promoting strong social campaigns, in line with the inspiring principles that have always guided the club and all corporate management .