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Derthona is concrete and cynical: Orlandina gives up

Derthona is concrete and cynical: Orlandina gives up

Orlandina Basket-Bertram Derthona 77-86

(27-21, 40-49, 52-65)


Orlandina: Ravi ne, Taflaj 2, Gay 3, Floyd 17, Laganà 10, Johnson 24, Del, Triassi ne, Tintori ne, Bellan 11, Fall 8, Moretti 2. Coach Sodini

Derthona: Sackey ne, Cannon 13, Gazzotti 5, Ambrosin 10, Tavernelli 2, Fabi 16, Graziani, Mascolo 16, Severini 9, Sanders 15, Morgillo, Ciadini ne. All. Ramondino

Second success in Sicily for Derthona, who chased Orlandina for a quarter and a half before taking over the operations of the match, leading the score - containing the opponent's comeback - until the final siren. First minutes of the game at a high pace for Capo d'Orlando, who finds baskets continuously: at 13-6 in the 3rd minute, coach Ramondino stops the game. The favorable moment continues for the Sicilians, who, driven by Floyd, reach their maximum advantage at 20-10, before Bertram's reaction - led by Mascolo, Severini and Gazzotti - which shortens it to 20-16 in the 7th minute. At the end of the first half the hosts widened the gap again, closing ahead 27-21 in the 10th minute. Even in the second period, Orlandina maintained its lead up to 31-23, before suffering a 0-9 host counter-break, crowned by Severini's tap-in, which gave Derthona the first advantage in the match ( 31-32 at 15'). Juventus extends their lead in the half, thanks to Ambrosin's cool free throws which puts a three-possession margin in favor of the guests (33-40 at 16'); in the final stages of the first half the Lions continue to produce choral solutions in attack, closing ahead 40-49 in the 20th minute. Break Orlandina, against Juventus' partial upon returning from the locker room: the 0-10 capped by Sanders' triple was worth the maximum advantage (45-59 in the 25th minute) and forced coach Sodini to stop the game. In the following minutes the inertia of the match does not change, which always remains in the hands of the team coached by coach Ramondino, who leads 30-52 in the 65th minute. Orlandina reaction at the start of the last quarter: with a partial of 9-4 the Sicilians return to -8 (61-69): coach Ramondino stops the game. The hosts continue to find good collective solutions, reaching a 4-point gap (70-74) in the 37th minute: a basket from Severini on approach unlocks the Lions, then Sanders – from three points – gives his team the 72 -79 with just over a minute to go. Johnson and Sanders once again move the score with baskets from beyond the arc, and once again the American player seals the Juventus victory, which arrives with a score of 77-86. The next championship match will see Bertram on stage, within the friendly walls of PalaOltrepò on Sunday 29 November at 17.00pm against Pallacanestro Biella.