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Derthona is concrete: beat Reggio Emilia

Derthona is concrete: beat Reggio Emilia

UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia-Bertram Derthona 59-63 

(10-25, 30-37, 49-53)


R. Emilia: Robertson 4, Funderburk, Anim 4, Reuvers 8, Hopkins 11, Cipolla, Belloni ne, Vitali 7, Stefanini ne, Cinciarini 2, Olisevicius 15, Diouf 8. All. Menetti

Derthona: Mortellaro ne, Christon 17, Errica ne, Candi, Tavernelli 2, Filloy 2, Severini 9, Harper 3, Daum 4, Cain 11, Radošević 2, Macura 13. Coach Ramondino

Second success of great character for Bertram Derthona, who at PalBigi impacted the match with personality, placed an important break, resisted the opponent's return and achieved success in the final stages. The presence and readiness of the Lions in the decisive moments of the match should be underlined.

Brilliant start to the match for Bertram Derthona who, with attention in defense and energy in attack, escaped with a +14 (2-16) after 6'. In the following moments UNAHOTELS tries to reduce the gap, but at the end of the half the Lions extend their maximum advantage (10-25). In the second quarter, Filloy pushed Derthona to +20 (10-30), before – in the following minutes – Reggio reacted and partially closed the gap, closing 30-37 down in the 20th minute.

Upon returning from the locker room, the hosts produced another great effort to get back in touch, coming within just one possession of the deficit. Christon's baskets then respond to the opponents' initiatives, keeping coach Ramondino's team ahead (49-53) at the third siren. In the last quarter the match further increases in intensity on a physical level and UNAHOTELS finds its first advantage of the entire match with Reuvers' basket (59-57) 4 minutes from the end. Bertram overtakes with baskets from Severini - from the line - and Cain. In the last, excited moments of the match, the defense and the coolness on the line gave the Bianconeri success, who prevailed 59-63.

Thus coach Marco Ramondino at the end of the race: “It's a victory of great character, I think this is the aspect that caught everyone's eyes. We must be very proud of this, for long stretches of the match we did the right things: if not in terms of quality, then in terms of presence on both halves of the pitch. When we took a good lead in the first part, we continued to build good shots: even if Reggio came back into contact, we have to be happy with those minutes. We still struggle a little in our execution under stress, against an aggressive defense and when going beyond simple game executions, but I'm sure that by working and increasing mutual knowledge between the players we have room for improvement. We must hold on to the fact that we didn't win the match with exalted plays, individual initiatives, difficult supporters, but by putting together small things in a moment that could have been critical."