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Bertram Derthona gives way to NPC Rieti 74-78

Bertram Derthona gives way to NPC Rieti 74-78

Bertram Derthona – NPC Rieti 74-78

(17-8, 41-30, 51-45)

Bertram Derthona: Stefanelli 5, Cremaschi ne, Pilati ne, Sorokas 15, Radonjic 11, Divac ne, Apuzzo ne, Quaglia 3, Garri 8, Gergati 7, Johnson 11, Spanghero 14. All. Pansa

NPC Rieti: Melchiorrine, Tommasini 13, Hearst 16, Savoldelli 6, Casini 11, Olasewere 15, Conti 11, Gigli, Marini 2, Carenza 4. Coach Rossi.

The NPC emerged victorious at the PalaOltrepo', completing the comeback that led them to take extra time starting from -15 to 25' and then to have the winning break with two triples from Tommasini in the last two minutes of the extension. Regret at Juventus for losing a match during the second half after having had a very positive first half.

The start is explosive on the part of the Lions: Johnson, Garri and Spanghero impose a 9-2 run at the start; Rieti tries to respond, but faces a mentally and defensively solid team led by Sorokas with already 9 rebounds after the first 10 minutes. For the guests the answers come from Tommasini, Casini, Olasewere and Carenza, and the first quarter ends 17-8. Olasewere and Casini attempt a comeback, but in this second period Radonjic becomes a determining factor with 100% in the scoring (1/1 from two 2/2 from three) and keeps the Lions ahead: so we go to the locker rooms with the score at 41- 30. Bertram Derthona found themselves having to manage the match but Carenza, Olasewere and Casini opened a 6-0 lead, shortening the result to 51-45 in the 30th minute. The visitors' long comeback continues but the American duo Hearst and Olasewere have coach Rossi's team breathing down the Lions' necks with one minute to go (63-61). With a handful of seconds left Johnson has the chance to close the match, but the attempt is in vain and on the turnaround in front Hearst equalizes by making both free throws following Johnson's own foul.
Derthona wastes - again with Johnson - the winning ball on the final siren and we go to overtime: in the extension Sorokas puts his team on his shoulders, but Olasewere and Hearst allow the Npc to push their noses forward. Tommasini, with two almost consecutive triples, scores a heavy break (69-75 in the 43rd minute), Sorokas counters (74-77), but on the final possession Hearst is fouled and scores the free throw that counts for the game.

Lorenzo Pansa: “We played 30 minutes of disarming quality and in the end we kicked everything we did well in the last quarter. We stopped playing basketball by conceding too many points due to our poor execution. When we play basketball we are of great beauty, but when we want to resolve situations on our own we are instead made of great softness. We were ahead by 17 points with a dead game and thanks to our sufficiency and selfishness we threw the game away."