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The Lions escape, then contain Turin's return: the poker game is achieved

The Lions escape, then contain Turin's return: the poker game is achieved

Bertram Derthona-Reale Mutua Torino 70-64

(22-15, 41-27, 53-43)


Derthona: Sackey ne, Cannon 7, Gazzotti 3, Ambrosin 16, Tavernelli, Fabi 7, Graziani ne, Mascolo 18, Severini 6, Sanders 13, Morgillo, Ciadini ne. All. Ramondino

Turin: Clark 10, Alibegovic 14, Pagani ne, Penna 2, Cappelletti, Campani 2, Pinkins 12, Toscano 5, Ferro ne, Origlia ne, Mortarino ne, Diop 19. All. Cavina

Fifth consecutive victory for Bertram Yachts Derthona, who led from the start in the Piedmontese Derby against Reale Mutua Torino, reached a double-digit lead and contained Torino's comeback, winning 70-64. The first minutes of the match were balanced and characterized by the great offensive quality of the two teams: Mascolo and Alibegovic moved the score and after five minutes the score was perfectly tied at 11. Mascolo was the absolute protagonist of the following lines: his baskets pushed the Derthona at 19-13 in the 6th minute, forcing Torino to stop the match. Bertram effective on both sides of the pitch in this first half: at 10' the score was 22-15. At the start of the second period, Gazzotti and Ambrosin pushed the home team to their first double-digit lead in the match: coach Cavina used the second time-out available to him in the first half to interrupt operations at 31-20 in the 13th minute. The Lions continue to play a high-quality game, involving all the players on the pitch: Ambrosin's three-point shot updates the maximum gap to 37-20 in the 17th minute. Reale Mutua closes the gap at the end of the first half, concluded by Mascolo's penetration: in the 20th minute Derthona ahead 41-27. High pace also upon returning from the changing rooms, with Reale Mutua trying to raise the level of their defense to get back into the match: two consecutive triples from Alibegovic bring the guests back to -10 (49-39) in the 25th minute. In the following moments, Torino grows further in their own half but Derthona responds blow for blow and in the 30th minute they are ahead 53-43. In the last quarter the team coached by Ramondino started better, reaching +14 at 57-43, before suffering a counter break from the visitors which brought the gap between the two teams back to ten points. In the following minutes the visiting team returned to -8 (61-53) three minutes from time, with the Bianconeri taking advantage of a technical whistle against Alibegovic to maintain their lead. Diop brings Torino back to -5 (65-60) with 1 minute to go, before a 1/2 from Cannon puts two full possessions back between the teams. In the following actions, Clark is glacial on the line, then Sanders scores a fundamental three-point basket. The ending smiles on the Lions, who triumph 70-64.