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28/04/2024 18:15
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The Lions alongside Telethon for research: Tavernelli's shirt up for auction

The Lions alongside Telethon for research: Tavernelli's shirt up for auction

A strong bond with the territory, grown and strengthened over the years, with an eye for useful and supportive initiatives: Bertram Yachts Derthona Basket takes the field alongside the Telethon Foundation on the occasion of the Pro Telethon Charity Auction - in memory of Stefania, scheduled for the next 12 and 13 September at Silvano d'Orba (AL).

Organized by Daniele Barca (son of the late Stefania), Carmelo Barca (husband) and Patrizia Cetti, the event aims to remember Stefania, who passed away prematurely in 2016 due to fulminant leukemia.

The Lions contribute to the auction, the proceeds of which will be totally allocated to research into genetic diseases, by donating a game shirt from the 2019/20 season signed by Riccardo Tavernelli, who will play the role of captain of the Juventus team in the season that is about to begin .

me and my family – the words of Daniele Barca – We sincerely thank Bertram Yachts Derthona Basket and the management for joining our charity event, renewing the invitation to participate in the coming years too. We are proud that local companies help us organize these events by showing availability and closeness to these initiatives. A heartfelt thank you from me, my family and Telethon Alessandria, of which Vincenzo Fasanella is the responsible coordinator..

“We hope for a great success of the auction – states the Juventus General Manager Ferencz Bartocci – for the purpose of the initiative which we have joined with great pleasure. We send our embrace and support to Daniele and the entire Telethon world, confident that a beautiful collaboration has been born for other projects as well."

An important opportunity to do good and be in solidarity with the territory: Bertram is on the field, alongside Telethon. Now the ball is in the court of our fans and enthusiasts: the shirt signed by the Captain awaits them.