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Happy Casa Brindisi-Bertram Derthona: the previous ones in Serie A and the exes of the match

Happy Casa Brindisi-Bertram Derthona: the previous ones in Serie A and the exes of the match

Commitment at the PalaPentassuglia in Brindisi for Bertram Derthona on the 19th day of the Serie A championship. The match against the team now coached by Dragan Sakota will be the sixth match in the top championship between the two teams. The results, up to this point in Bertram Derthona's three years of Serie A, favor the Bianconeri, capable of imposing themselves in three of the previous five.

The first meeting in Serie A between the two teams took place at the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris on 9 October 2021: in the second home match of its history in the tournament, Bertram chased its opponents for the entire duration of the match and was defeated with the score of 78-87. In the return match of the 2021/22 championship, however, it was Derthona who prevailed (82-99), at the end of forty minutes largely conducted. That success in Puglia, on the last day of the regular season, allowed the team coached at the time by Marco Ramondino to take 4th place in the standings. The home advantage in the first playoff round allowed the Bianconeri to beat Umana Reyer Venezia in the quarter-finals and reach the Scudetto semi-final in their first year in Serie A.

In 2022/23 the Lions were on stage in Brindisi on 6 November 2022, in the sixth match of the regular season. At the end of an extremely balanced match, Happy Casa came out on top (86-84). That defeat was Derthona's first in the championship, after a string of five consecutive victories at the start. In the return match, played at PalaEnergica on 2 April, Bertram won two important points for its run-up to third place in the rankings, winning with a score of 81-77 at the siren.

The fifth and last precedent in Serie A between the two teams is recent history, the second regular season match of this season: on 8 October, at the PalaEnergica, the Bianconeri won 69-68 at the end of a very balanced match and decided only in the final lines.

È Andrea Zerini the ex of the match against Happy Casa: the Juventus number 0 wore the Brindisi vest for five consecutive seasons, from 2011 to 2016. In his last year, Zerini was captain of the Apulian team, with which - in 2011/ 12 – won the A2 Italian Cup and promotion to Serie A at the end of the season.