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The Under 19s lead the standings

Derthona Basketball - Under 14

The Under 19s lead the standings

Under 19 Elite
Derthona Basket – CUS Torino 78-73 (16-12, 15-16, 24-24, 23-21)
Derthona: Billi 12, Gatti 8, Tava 24, Camera 2, Porta, Pieroni 2, Balestrieri 17, Scabini, Pilati, Frattalone 13, Giorgi. All. Casalone
Brilliant success for the Juventus juniors who beat CUS Torino on their own parquet in the big match valid for championship supremacy. Even without Carosi, Casalone's boys took to the field with the right determination, practically always remaining ahead, albeit by a narrow margin. Tava stood out at the start, while in the second quarter, after three baskets from Gatti, Balestrieri began to warm up. Billi and Tava's precision from the line was important in the third quarter while in the last quarter the bombs of Balestrieri and Tava again combined with the concreteness of Frattalone under the basket led to the victory for our team.
Under 17 Elite
Asti – Derthona Basket 34-61
Derthona: Albertocchi 3, Baschirotto, Carena 3, De Angelis, Gibertini 10, Magrassi 5, Milanesio 7, Mogni 8, Rossi 8, Sala 6, Tonella, Veronese 11. Coach Gatti
After three consecutive defeats, coach Gatti's cadets found their smile again by winning clearly in Asti. Gibertini's performance highlighted.
Under 15
Derthona Basket – Crescentino 57-52 (13-14, 21-10, 14-22, 9-6)
Derthona: Perriello, Cattaneo 4, Angeleri 6, Celli, Rolando 8, Pernigotti 15, Zanchetta 4, Guerra D., Davio 9, Santoro 11, Morini. Annex Noli
Balanced race with an uncertain outcome until the end. The second quarter extension by Pernigotti and Santoro was recovered by the guests in the third half. In the last ten minutes, Noli's students went further ahead thanks to baskets from Davio and Zanchetta. After the commitment with Crescentino, Rolando and his associates are now responsible for the exit of Casale on apparently accessible paper, then Moncalieri will arrive in Tortona instead.


Derthona Basketball - Under 14
Under 14
Derthona Basket – Il Canestro Alessandria 63-58 (17-14, 10-16, 17-16, 19-12)
Derthona: Mogliazza 2, Ansaldi, Cattaneo 18, Mogni 28, D'Angella, Singh 10, Ghislieri 3, Magrassi 2, Ferrari, Patri, Lonardo. Annex Noli
Balance also reigns in the clash between the boys from Noli and those from Canestro di Alessandria. Despite everything, our team resisted and in the last quarter the conclusions of Cattaneo, Mogni and Singh were decisive. The long Ghislieri is also growing. Next Friday waiting for the trip to Serravalle Scrivia which will serve to take the exact "measurements" for the championship.

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