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28/04/2024 18:15
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First stop of the season for Gulliver Derthona in Interregional B: Savigliano wins at home

First stop of the season for Gulliver Derthona in Interregional B: Savigliano wins at home

CO.GA.L. Savigliano – Gulliver Supermarkets Derthona Tortona 53-44
(13-9, 25-27, 43-34)
Savigliano: Tuninetto 12, Varallo ne, Baruzzo 10, Introini ne, Gioda 8, De Santis ne, A. Danna 7, Mellano, Isaia 5, Utieyin 5, Obakhvbaye 3, Tulumello 3. All. Fiorito.
Derthona: Borasi ne, Tandia 13 (14 rb, 4 rec, 22 val), Baldi 10 (7 sub fouls), Farias 10, Fogliato ne, Tambwe (12 rb), Korlatovic, Diodati 7, Fonio Fracchia 2, W. Bellinaso , Moro 2. All. Ansaloni, ass. Shearers.
Referees: Dell'Accio and Rigon.


Tormented by several important absences, the Gulliver Supermarkets Derthona Tortona suffers his first knockout of the season in Interregional Serie B. In third day of Division A of North-West Conference the black and white team is beaten away by CO.GA.L Savigliano.
The 44 points and 17/60 from the field sufficiently explain the difficulties in the scoring phase of the team coached by Luca Ansaloni, in a match in which even the opponent still struggled to score consistently, even going to the changing rooms mid-match down by 2 lengths. Upon returning to the field, the 18-7 score in the third period made the difference for the home team, who were never caught again by the Lions.
Savigliano shakes up its ranking at the third attempt of the season, losing its unbeaten title and leading Gulliver, still second behind the only unbeaten Robur Basket Saronno.
After two consecutive away games in the next round, the Bianconeri will return to the friendly parquet of PalaCamagna, where on Friday 20 October at 20pm they will host the CRT Group College Basketball Borgomanero.

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