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28/04/2024 18:15
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First quarter sprint, team spirit and defence: Derthona beats Reggio Emilia

First quarter sprint, team spirit and defence: Derthona beats Reggio Emilia

Bertram Derthona-UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia 93-64

(26-4, 44-19, 66-36)


Derthona: Zerini 1, Ross 10, Dowe 13, Candi, Tavernelli ne, Straūtins 5, Baldasso 11, Kamagate 12, Severini 17, Weems 10, Thomas 8, Radošević 6. All. De Raffaele

Reggio Emilia: Weber 15, Camara ne, Cipolla, Hervey, Galloway 21, Faye 7, Smith ne, Uglietti 2, Atkins 5, Vitali 7, Grant 5, Chillo 2. All. Priftis

The first period of the highest quality, the consistency and continuity in the following thirty minutes gave Bertram Derthona their second consecutive success in the championship. The team coached by De Raffaele directed the match right from the start, repelling the opponents' attempts to return for the entire forty minutes. The assisted baskets (25 out of 33), the six players in double figures (Severini, Dowe, Kamagate, Baldasso, Dowe, Kamagate, Ross and Weems) and the only 64 points conceded to the sixth attack of the championship are the keys to a deserved success.

Bertram started the match with great energy and found Severini and Straūtins as the offensive leaders of the initial attack. The great defensive intensity of the Bianconeri combines with the fluidity in the offensive half of the pitch (8 assists on 10 baskets) and allows the Lions to extend their lead to 26-4 at the first siren. In the second period the match continues with the same leitmotiv, in which Bertram commands and controls with authority, further expanding the gap to 44-19 at the break.

Upon returning from the changing rooms, coherence and intensity are still the keys to the match for Derthona, who further increase their lead to 66-36 in the 30th minute. In the last quarter the Lions found the contribution of all the players used and prevailed 93-64.

Thus coach Walter De Raffaele at the end of the race: “I think compliments are due to my players for the continuity they had in defense in the forty minutes, leaving no room for the talent of Reggio Emilia. The idea of ​​combining performances with victories is a very important element for the continuation of a season which, as always, is tough and in which every race counts for something for everyone. It is very important that players find satisfaction in defending and then unleash their talent in attack. We don't look at the standings, we play one game at a time, continuing to be humble and hungry and having this attitude. We can improve on unforced turnovers and offensive execution: we are working well and we must continue like this. I would like to thank the public who are getting closer and passionate: there must be an osmosis between team and public, because support is fundamental".