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Derthona-Biella 77-78

Derthona-Biella 77-78



DERTHONA BEARS: Greene 17, Cosey 15, Alviti 2, Ricci 3, Sanna, Reati 14, Conti, Mascherpa 6, Garri 11, Pilati ne, Billi ne, Cucci 9. All. Cavina

ANGELICO BIELLA: Ferguson 14, Hall 10, Massone ne, Venuto 8, Pollone, De Vico 25, Udom 5, Wheatle 2, Rattalino ne, Tessitori 14, Pasqualini ne. All. Carrea

REFEREES: Nicolini, Pepponi, Patti.

NOTE. First half: 32-37. Partials: 19-25, 13-12, 20-21, 25-20.

TORTONA. Derthona loses the clash for the top of the West group standings against Biella 78-77 in the first match of the eighth matchday. The Lions start with Cosey, Greene, Ricci, Garri and Sanna, while the Angelino lines up Ferguson, Hall, De Vico, Venuto and Tessitori. Ricci scores with a post move, Tessitori replies for Biella. With two consecutive baskets from De Vico Angelico takes the lead 8-4. Immediately afterwards Biella scores the first partial of the match (8-1) and leads 16-9 halfway through the first period. The Biella team, already in the bonus, increase their lead, but Tortona returns with Alviti and Greene. The first period ends 25-19 for the guests. The second half begins, Biella with Hall from long range and Ferguson stopping and shooting hits another set and Derthona goes behind by double figures (19-30). Cavina calls time out to break the inertia and chooses the small quintet with Cucci and Ricci. Mascherpa tries to shake things up with 6 points (penetration with foul and bomb) and the Lions come back 9 points behind (25-34). Biella stays in front, but the minutes before the long interval are the Lions' with Cosey and Greene as protagonists. It ends 32-37. During the break the fans enjoy the little players of the Lions with the 2005 Esordienti and the 2004 Aquilotti. In the third period Long-range Offenses are also included in the match, Cosey scores with a stop and a shot and the comeback is completed with the PalaFerraris exploding. The match is point to point, three minutes from the end Da Vico takes the lead back to Biella by seven points. Greene steals two consecutive balls and once again Tortona comes back, but despite the effort produced it ends 58-52 for Carrea's boys. The protagonist of the start of the last period is Greene (4 points and an assist for Cucci) who brings Tortona back to one basket (58-60). With two consecutive bombs from the former Venuto everything has to be done again (58-66). After which Derthona scores an 8-0 run with two bombs and two free throws by Reati (70-70). And with 1'26'' left with a free throw from Garri the Juventus team is ahead for the first time 71-70. Cosey scores for the Lions, equalizing with a long range basket from De Vico. At 19'' Tessitori puts in a free throw, we go the other way and Greene steps on the baseline. Derthona sends Hall to the line who makes no mistakes (73-76). It ends 78-77 with Reati making a three, but it's not enough.

Coach Cavina's comment: “It's a shame because we had taken it back and had the momentum with a three-point advantage. We made a defensive error that punished us. The difference between us and them was the ability to hit open shots in the moments that mattered. We produced little on the approach and attacked the long players less well. I'm sorry for the boys, Biella has proven to be a great team, with quality in the individuals and in the game. It wasn't our best match in the singles, a shame because with the defense in the second half and with a minute to go there was the perception that we could do it."

Coach Michele Carrea's comment: “It was a good basketball game, we would have deserved a less dangerous finish if we hadn't lost a few too many balls. We are happy for the many fans who came to support us. Came? I hope they stop saying that we don't have an inferior point guard."