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Derthona, BCC Derthona and Torneo Armana together also in the 2024 edition

Derthona, BCC Derthona and Torneo Armana together also in the 2024 edition

Il Derthona Basketball and the BCC Derthona Basketball they take to the field alongside the Armana Tournament also in the 2024 edition in the summer 3x3 in which the best performers of the discipline at a national level will compete.

It is with great pleasure that the two companies announce the renewal of the partnership also on the occasion of the 20th edition of the Armana Tournament which is part of the "Estathé 3×3 Italia Streetbasket FIP ​​Circuit"To be held on 15 and 16 June.

Derthona, BCC Derthona Basket and the Tournament ARMA constitute excellence in the world of national basketball. The Derthona men's team has been at the top of the Serie A championship for years, BCC Derthona Basket has just won promotion to Serie A1 and the victory in the final against Ecodem Alpo which awarded the title of Italian champion, while the Armana Tournament has been one of the main exponents of 3x3 at a national level for several summer seasons.

The Clubs will collaborate in the realization of the Tournament ARMA with particular attention to the youth sector (Under 13/14-U15-U17–U19) and minibasketball, confirming the commitment of both to the development of the youth movement in the area and with a view to introducing more and more young people to the game of basketball. To confirm what has just been mentioned, also for the twentieth edition the Armana Tournament will have the great privilege of hosting the Derthona Basket Minibasket Festival.

The Armana Tournament, born in the memory of prof. Mario Armana, will also be one of the Master stages of the 2024Estathé 3×3 Italia Streetbasket FIP ​​Circuit, official circuit of the Italian Basketball Federation dedicated to the 3 against 3 movement and in the 2024 edition it took on the title of LITE QUEST FIBA ​​and will qualify the winning team directly to the Challenger Fiba Ciucuit in Freiburg on 5/6 July 2024;

In addition to the Master tournament, the 2024 edition of the Tournament ARMA confirms the dispute of the tournaments minibasketYouth (Under 14/15/17/19)Amateurs ed Over 40 and the inclusion of the Men's Open and Women's Open Tournaments, proving that Tortona truly is Basket Town.

"We are delighted with this partnership with important players in the top basketball league such as Bertram Derthona ed the Autosped BCC Derthona Basket - they say Mark and Matthew ARMA and we would like to give special thanks to President Marco Picchi and CEO Ferencz Bartocci who enthusiastically welcomed our project and deployed their staff to support us in the realization of the 2024 edition. Special thanks also to Dr. Beniamino Gavio who did not fail to be close to the Armana Tournament, proving himself to be a great basketball fan and above all a person with a big heart. The demonstration is also the construction of the Cittadella dello Sport which will certainly become a real example of a recreational sports structure at a national level, in which we hope to be able to organize the 2025 Tournament. But returning to 2024, we would always like to remember that the Tournament Armana's primary objective is to donate its proceeds to charity, supporting, as it has for many years now, the Enrico Cucchi Association - volunteers for palliative pain care".

Thus Ferencz Bartocci, CEO of Derthona Basket and Sole Director of Gestion Cittadella: “The Armana Tournament represents one of the most important basketball events in the area. Thanks to Derthona Basket it is making itself known throughout Italy. At a national level it is a tournament which, year after year, is gaining greater acclaim thanks to the skill of the organizers and those who support them. As Cittadella dello Sport, the hope is that, in the future, it can be hosted in this new structure that is being built in Tortona, to unite basketball and the territory even more. The Armana Tournament is also a vehicle for promoting the territory also at a food and wine level, as sport is able to unite many components of the civil life of the territory. This is what the Citadel of Sport will also want to be. Good luck for the 2024 edition, hoping that in 2025 the Citadel can also be the stage for this very important tournament".

“The Armana Tournament has been a fixed summer event for Tortona basketball fans for twenty years now – declares Marco Picchi, president of Derthona Basket. Since the first editions, Derthona Basket has supported the tournament, its organizers and many of our members have competed on the fields to honor the memory of Mario Armana, an unforgettable coach in our history. The value of the Tournament is now recognized at a national level and it is wonderful to see how many people participate in this event. See you at the tournament! “

“The Armana Tournament is one of the events that distinguishes the sporting summer of our territory – comments Alice Pedrazzi, general manager of the Autosped BCC Derthona Basket – and, from year to year, it is becoming more and more an excellence of 3x3 basketball not only at the provincial level, but nationally. Furthermore, it also integrates the value of sport and socialization with an important social and charitable purpose and this gives a very good idea of ​​what and how much sport, such as basketball, can do for its fans and for its territory. Bcc Derthona Basket is therefore very proud to be a partner of an initiative full of meaning such as the Armana Tournament, an increasingly important tool for promoting our sport and the territory. Good luck to the organizers and all the participants...see you on the fields! “

The words of Maurizio Sacchi, president of Autosped BCC Derthona:

“ This year, for us at Bcc Derthona Basket, there is a particular reason to participate in even more numerous and passionate people in this true celebration of outdoor sport, we would like to be able to convey part of our joy following the great result achieved, to all the players, of all ages, who will participate in this very important event with great commitment and passion: we wish everyone to achieve the desired results, see you at the weekend!!”