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Derthona Bball Lab: youth week

Derthona Bball Lab: youth week


After the Easter break, coach Talpo's team resumes hostilities with a double commitment in the space of a few days. First the trip to Santa Margherita Ligure on the pitch of the team that leads the rankings of this second phase undefeated and then on Monday again away from home, to Ciriè, which instead still has zero points in the rankings. Meanwhile in Serie C Gold with Il Canestro Alessandria the young Bianconeri make the highly rated Crocetta Torino tremble, who pass to the PalaCima only narrowly in the final and on Sunday they will be on stage on the field of the table leader Domodossola.



Nothing to be done against Cossato.for coach De Ros's team which has to deal with the numerous absences of the category starters, relying on the support of the Under 16s. Unfortunately, the good will of the young Bianconeri is not enough to counter the current opponents. For De Ros' boys there will be a chance to make up for it already in the next outing, scheduled for Borgomanero.

Derthona Basketball – Cossato 42-63 (11-22, 10-9, 10-17, 11-15)

Derthona: De Nicolò L. 2, Barbieri 3, Patri, Ponta 8, Cattaneo 2, Nizzola 3, Zanin 1, Guerra, Nocenti 2, Turicci, Pace 16, De Nicolò G. 5. All. De Ros



Convincing victory for coach De Ros' Juventus students who overturned the result of the first leg, overcoming Biella at the PalaCamagna. Strengthened by the advantage gained in the first quarter, the Leoncini kept their opponents at a distance for the rest of the match. The positive trend should continue next Monday in Saluzzo, where they will be looking for their fourth consecutive victory.

Derthona Basketball – Biella 60-46 (20-10, 14-14, 14-11, 12-11)

Derthona: De Nicolò L. 2, Tava, Barbieri 26, Cremonti 5, Nizzola 3, Malvicini, Rota, Lisini 13, Nocenti 2, Neri, Pace 4, De Nicolò G. 5. All. De Ros



Season finale away in Piossasco, in the last match of the championship, where the Bianconeri will be called upon to confirm the success achieved in the first leg.



The first success in the second regional phase of coach Gaudio's boys arrives at PalaCamagna against Collegno, led by Sacco in great form. But the week has reserved two more matches for Lerta and his teammates, who were once again busy on their own parquet on Thursday hosting Carmagnola and on Saturday in Turin at Kolbe.

Derthona Basketball Lab – Collegno 65-45 (14-8, 17-17, 13-10, 21-10)

Derthona: Sacco 24, Gavio 2, Fiorucci 4, Nocenti 2, Carulli, Boldrin 2, Ghiglione, Pugliese 2, Orlando 6, Chiappini, Lerta 11, Coffano 12. Coach Gaudio



Brilliant success for the young Bianconeri against Crocetta Torino, thanks to a crescendo of the match. Galvanized by the victory, Gaudio's boys will attempt the impossible in the next match against Piossasco who leads the group undefeated.

Derthona Basketball Lab – Crocetta Torino 48-46 (13-9, 7-15, 9-11, 19-11)

Derthona: Castagna 4, Lisini 4, Mogni 2, Ramazzina, Vio 9, Moro 22, Segatto, Lam 2, Bellinaso 2, Rosellini, Bertelli 3, Ferrari. All. Gaudio

(in the photo the award ceremony after the 1st Camagna Foundation Memorial Trophy)

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