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Derthona Bball Lab: the week of the Juventus youth teams

Derthona Bball Lab: the week of the Juventus youth teams

(Derthona's Under14 team)

Under18 Elite
The Lions will be on the pitch this evening at 20.45pm on the parquet of Molecola Crocetta Torino, undefeated leaders of group F for access to the finals for the Elite Regional Title with a two-point advantage over Derthona.

Under18 Regional
The Under18s' next match is scheduled for Sunday 2 April at 11.45am on the Auxilium Cus Torino pitch.

Under 16 Excellence
Tam Tam Torino – Derthona 73-65 (12-14, 13-15, 23-17, 21-19)
Derthona: Hila 18, Trombini, Gandini 11, Mogni 5, Cattaneo, Brullo 12, Candiotto 14, Colli 2, Pareto 3, Simonelli, Moro. All. Gaudio
Nothing to do for the Bianconeri cadets in the away match in Turin at Tam Tam where, albeit slightly, our team had to surrender to the home team. Next Saturday the program includes the treacherous trip to Saluzzo.

Under 15 Elite
Derthona – Bra 74-55 (27-8, 16-19, 17-15, 14-13)
Derthona: Balza 6, Pace 20, De Nicolò G. 6, Barbieri 21, Nizzola, De Nicolò L. 4, Nocenti 15, Tava, Scarrone, Olivieri, Cremonti. Annex Noli
The students from Tortona finished the first round valid for the category title with full points. Once again the Barbieri-Nocenti-Pace trio scored in double figures. Next Saturday at 17.30pm at the PalaCamagna there is the first return match, with Sarre as the guest, who were only narrowly beaten in the first leg.

Under 14 Regional
The team trained by coach De Ros will begin the final phase of the championship next Sunday at 15 pm at PalaCamagna, hosting Collegno. The group in which the Bianconeri have been placed also includes Rosta, Valenza, Bra and Saluzzo and only the first place will enter the "Final Four" on 17-18 June where they will fight for the category title.

Join the Game 3×3 – Regional Phase
The Juventus quartet Bottaro, Chiesa, Lombardi and Melisi returns from the regional finals held in Collegno last Sunday, with one victory and four defeats. Luck certainly did not favor our team who were included in a preliminary group of listed teams including PMS Moncalieri – San Mauro, which placed 2nd in the final ranking behind the champions Collegno. Furthermore, Bottaro had to deal with an injury during the event. However, an experience to remember for our Under 14s.

Regional Beginners
Derthona – Issa Novara 25-31 (8-4, 8-16, 6-5, 3-6)
Derthona: Cicalini, Tognon, Bellinaso, Manfrotto, Segato 1, Lisini 4, Castagna 8, Mogni 5, Ferrari 2, Bertelli 2, Vio 1, Murtas 2. All. Aime
The young Bianconeri's objective of overturning the deficit suffered in the first leg against Issa Novara was unsuccessful, as they also prevailed over the team led by Aime in the return match at the PalaCamagna.

Minibasketball Eaglets
Derthona – Novi 16-8
Derthona: Dallocchio, Zanotti, Ferrari, Cunsolo, Cattaneo, D'Alessandro, Devecchi, Pareti, Bergaglio, Marzullo, Marcon, Prati. All. Mossi
Positive match for the very small Tortona basketball players who brilliantly outperformed their peers from Novi.

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