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Derthona Bball Lab: youth week

Derthona Bball Lab: youth week


Group victory for Zogno & co., against one of the top players in the class. The large area put on the field by the opponents is overcome with excellent overall play by coach Talpo's team. The preliminary round thus ends on a high note, leaving good prospects for the second regional phase.

Meanwhile, on Saturday evening we will return to play in Serie C too, with the away match against Collegno not to be underestimated.

Derthona Basketball – I go 69-62 (17-14, 30-34, 49-46)

Derthona: Bosetti 12, Gandini, Zogno 21, Cremaschi 10, Apuzzo 17, Candiotto 3, Yahya 3, Moro, Mogni 1, Gardino, Brullo 2. Coach Talpo



Proof of pride from Pernigotti and his associates. who beat CUS Torino at the Palazzetto, stopping the unbeaten run of the group leaders. The good moment of coach De Ros' team could be confirmed on Saturday in the away match scheduled for the Kolbe Torino pitch.

Derthona Basketball Lab – CUS Torino 54-45 (13-21, 14-5, 9-7, 18-12)

Derthona Basketball Lab: Ghislieri, Ponta 10, Cattaneo 8, Chiesa, Pernigotti 13, Zanchetta 7, Davio 2, Zanin, Lonardo 4, Santoro 6, Turicci 4. Coach De Ros



Busy week for Barbieri and his teammates who, after the bitter defeat at home to league leaders Cuneo, who also had a reshuffled lineup due to various defections, have to face another difficult away match in Borgomanero.

Cuneo - Derthona Basketball Lab 73-51 (24-12, 13-9, 25-10, 11-20)

Derthona: Olivieri, De Nicolò L. 1, Scarrone, Tava 4, Barbieri 13, Cremonti 4, Nizzola 13, Bosich, Nocenti 13, Melisi, Neri, De Nicolò G. 3. Coach De Ros



Rota & co. they return from Turin with great regret. Leading for over half the match, playing very well, the Under15s suffered in the final with the locals' comeback, also due to too many errors in the free throws by the Bianconeri.

Auxilium Turin – Derthona Basketball Lab  80-73 (23-20, 15-24, 19-18, 23-11)

Derthona: Rossini, Bagnasco, Gabatelli, Bottaro 7, Bosich 5, Rota 23, Lombardi, Pezzulla, Melisi 3, Chiesa, Viale 3, Emanuelli 17. All. De Ros



With the easy victory over Crescentino, coach Gaudio's team closes the preliminary round tied at the top of the standings with Asti, even if they are at a disadvantage in terms of the difference in goals in the direct clashes. We are now waiting for the Federation to define the second regional phase.

Derthona Basketball Lab – Crescentino 81-61 (29-12, 16-17, 19-14, 17-18)

Derthona Basketball Lab: Sacco 9, Lisini 2, Fiorucci 13, Vio 7, Boldrin 6, Moro 5, Orlando 4, Lerta 7, Bellinaso 6, Coffano 9, Gavio, Carulli. All. Gaudio



This week, a delicate debut in the second regional phase for coach Gaudio's young players, with the exit of Piossasco, who had won their preliminary group in the first phase.


The men's provincial phase of the national "25 on 3 Join the Game" tournament will take place on Sunday morning, February 3th. For the provinces of Alessandria and Asti the appointment will be at the Palazzetto dello Sport in Valenza.

Up for grabs for access to the regional phase are three places for the Under 13 category and three for the Under 14s in the province of Alessandria. Derthona will participate with 3 Under 14 teams and 4 Under 13 teams.

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