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Derthona Basket has its… head in the right place with Valcoperture

Derthona Basket has its… head in the right place with Valcoperture

Valcoperture Srl continues to be alongside Derthona Basket also for the 2023/24 season.

Born in 2007 on the path traced in the early nineties by the Geom. Alessio Valessina – current legal representative of the company – with the establishment of an individual company operating in the roofing sector, the company based in Solza (BG) was founded with the main activity of installing civil and industrial roofing , remediation work on asbestos roofing, recovery and disposal of construction waste, has achieved objectives over the years which have led it to begin a corporate evolutionary process capable of satisfying the needs of the complex construction sector.

Sensitivity to environmental issues has led Valcoperture to also develop an internal team of technicians and professionals for the design and installation of photovoltaic systems.

All this by believing in the value of work and considering the legality, correctness and transparency of action as essential prerequisites for achieving one's economic, productive and social objectives.

A consideration of the ethical value that unites it even more with the way of acting of the Derthona Basket world.