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Derrick Marks, new signing for the Lions

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Derrick Marks, new signing for the Lions

New arrival in the Juventus home. For the guard role, the hiring of Derrick Marks was announced, a twenty-one-year-old guard born in Chicago and fresh out of Boise State where he spent four years of college, finishing overall with 15.1 points in 28 minutes of play with 47.2 two-pointers and 39.6 from three. In the season just ended the points were 19.4 with 49.4 twos and 43.6 threes, numbers which earned him, for the first time for the franchise, a mention in the All American Team. The player is currently playing in the Summer League in the United States.

Marco Picchi says that Derrick was first on the list of American wingers. “Complicated negotiation because he had requests in Turkey but we are happy that he chose Tortona. He's a rookie so he shouldn't be burdened with excessive responsibilities but he certainly is a talented scorer. What we were looking for…”

Coach Cavina, on the other hand, has been following Marks for some time: “Derrick struck me with the technical and emotional leadership with which he played throughout his university experience. Four years growing not only for the figures and recognitions obtained, but precisely for his presence on the pitch and the determination with which he faced every single match. Furthermore, from the first interview, I had the feeling that he had very clear objectives for next season, that he knew what it means to come as a rookie to play overseas and which aspects of his game he will have to improve in order to open up a career among the pros. Technically he is a combo guard with good physical size who can equally cover all roles on the perimeter, has strong scoring skills but also knows how to create for his teammates. With him the average age of the group drops further and we will have to leverage our "psycho-physical freshness" to improve ourselves from the first day of the meeting."

Welcome to Derrick from everyone at Derthona Basket!!!!