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28/04/2024 18:15
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Davide Parente is the new Juventus Sports Director

Davide Parente is the new Juventus Sports Director

Bertram Derthona announces that he has reached an agreement with Davide Parente, who will hold the role of Sports Director in the 2019/20 season.

CAREER – Born on 18/11/1983 in Turin, after completing his entire youth career in his hometown, he moved to Pescara, where he played the 2000/01 season in the Amateur team. Parente then moved to Virtus Ragusa in Legadue. In 2003/04 he played for Pavia (always in Legadue), before going to Vigevano and returning to Pavia again (in 2005/06).

In 2006/07 he dropped down a category to Serie B, wearing the Fidenza shirt, before spending the next two years at Castelletto Ticino. In 2009/10 he moved to Montecatini, and subsequently to Recanati (both teams playing in the A Dilettanti championship). He played in Tuscany for the next four seasons (from 2011 to 2014 in Lucca, in 2014/15 in Siena), before moving to Rieti (in A2 Ovest) in 2015/16.

From 2016 to January 2018 he was on the roster of Fiat Torino Auxilium, a team that competed in the Serie A championship, before moving to Virtus Roma, a team with which he achieved salvation in Serie A2 at the end of the playouts.

In the 2018/19 season Parente returns to Turin, taking on the role of Team Manager of Fiat Torino Auxilium. Now he comes to Bertram Derthona to start a new chapter in his career.

This is the thought of Ferencz Bartocci, General Director of Bertram Derthona: ʺDavide adds great value to our management staff. It will be a pleasure to work with him again after, in the recent past, I have already been able to appreciate his great professional and human qualities. From the first phone call he showed his great enthusiasm: this aspect is a fundamental starting point that fully reflects the motivations that pushed all of us, managers and technicians, to embrace the Derthona Basket project. I would like to thank the club for giving me the opportunity to involve Davide who is officially operational as Sports Director todayʺ.

ʺI am very pleased and happy with Tortona's call – the first words of Davide Parente – which represents an important opportunity for personal growth. I want to immediately put everything I have acquired during my experiences at the service of society.